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The first time that I heard about investing was about 21 years ago. I started out in an engineering firm where most of my co-workers would look at stock tickers every morning. I asked my neighbor Julie what she was doing. She told me, "read these books and you'll learn all about investing!" So I did and what I realized was that I was getting into something that would change my life forever?

I Started Investing 21 Years Ago and Here's What Happened...

You might think that with over 21 years of investing experience that I would of made a killing in the stock market. Well, I got killed alright. If you remember what happened during that time. The internet bubble, terrorist attacks, WorldCom, and Enron.  If that wasn't enough, the housing bubble burst several years after that.  

There was one that Julie mentioned that I remembered throughout the years - diversify!  At the time, I thought this was all about diversifying with stocks and then with mutual funds. After learning the hard way, I realized later that I had to diversify everything that allowed me to create wealth!

The Start of

Back in 2007, I launched infoSpike with a friend of mine.  We were going to launch a content publishing network where a bunch of writers would contribute to this website.  What happened?  Life hit me!  Just like anybody raising a family, having kids, paying off a mortgage, buying multiple cars, saving for college expenses, and the recession. A lot of stuff to handle and to learn from. Throughout all of these experiences, I realized that I still had the dream to make a difference.  

Whether it was with friends or family members, I became the financial go-to person.  It didn't just come to me.  I became an extreme investment researcher.  I ended up going to the local library and started reading all of the books that I could find about investing and creating wealth.  From there, I became a Registered Financial Consultant, learned advanced financial strategies, and implemented as much as I could.  I've owned several homes, multiple acres of land, and have continued to invest and diversify.

I really do believe that information + action is powerful!

On - it's my goal to share information that you can use to create wealth.