Thanks for checking out our blog! We’re a husband and wife duo. Our goal for infoSpike is to provide a wide range of life-changing information from personal finance to health and beauty. If you’ve found something on infoSpike that has dramatically changed your life, let us know!

The Duo

Charles Harris

Charles is an avid investment and health researcher. On the side, he enjoys traveling the world, working out, and watching new TV shows on Netflix. Charles has a background in financial consulting. While working with hundreds of families to improve their finances, he realized the power of budgeting and investing. On infoSpike, his mission is to optimize your finances today so that you can have more wealth in the future.

Emma Harris

Emma has been researching skincare products for over a decade. In her blogs, her goal is to provide guidance on reducing dry skin and fight the effects of aging. She is also a big fan of Korean beauty products and high-end perfumes from around the world. On infoSpike, her mission is to help you look and feel great at any age using age-defying strategies.