4 Popular Tiny Home Builders in California

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If you're looking into building a granny unit, cottage, or tiny home in California, here's a list of some of the popular builders.

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You may have seen those TV shows about families that live in tiny homes. Homes that are no larger than a trailer, and often have wheels and can be driven around. There tiny homes are more than just on TV, there are a surprising number of individuals and families that are living in these small homes for a myriad of reasons. As the demand for these tiny homes rise in places like California, the more companies start building them.

Why would anyone want to live in a tiny home?

It may seem odd that people would choose to live in a home that is the size of a trailer. But these specialized homes are very well designed to make the maximum use of a small space. They really do appear roomer than they really are. They are so much more than just 4 walls and a ceiling. The reasons why people choose to live in these homes vary. Some are minimalists and want to stay off the grid. Some do it to save money. Some want to be mobile (live in one area then drive to a new spot). Whatever your justification for wanting a tiny home, there will be a builder than can make it work for you.

The innovation that exists in these tiny homes is remarkable, and we will review some of the top tiny home builders that can be found in California.

Tiny Home Builders in California

No matter the reason you want to find a tiny home builder in California, you will be able to find one that will suit your needs. We have curated a list of some of the best tiny home builders in the state.

  1. KJE Tiny Homes

KJE Tiny Home’s motto is ‘we build tiny so you can live large’. This really highlights what they are about. If you are looking for a tiny home that offers everything a full-sized house does, then you need to check them out. Each tiny home is customized to suit your needs and offer homes up to 40’ long and 10’ wide. They also offer permanent fixture homes or those on wheels for transportability.

Their website has a large list of homes ranging from The Paradise, which is their largest, to the Estate which is their smallest offering at only 26’ wide. They are family owned and operated and value the quality of their homes. All the homes they sell are NOAH certified and built to last.

  1. California Tiny House

Like the name suggests, California Tiny House offers a variety of tiny homes built for the California region. They do not have a traditional showroom but do have models that they can show you in different states of construction. Each tiny home is customizable to suit your needs. They are famed for their innovation and for creating space where one would think impossible. Whether you want a larger living space with lots of storage, or prefer a full-sized kitchen, California Tiny House will be able to make it work.

Their smallest models start from 16’ wide and go up to a larger 32’. They also have a huge catalog filled with design inspiration, so you can customize every aspect of your home. From the door handles to the backsplash and even the location of the windows.

If you’re ever in the Fresno area, check them out.

  1. Tiny Home Builders California

Located in the middle of Los Angeles, Tiny Home Builders California are designed for the city lover that want to live tiny. They have realized that gone are the days of large penthouse apartments. That people are looking for smaller and more affordable ways of living.

Their average tiny home is only 500 square feet of living space, but they are well designed and can fit all the modern amenities you would find in a full-size house. All their model homes can be fully customized. If you can visualize it, they can build it. They also guarantee the use of eco-friendly materials and processes. They have been in business for over 30 years.

  1. Sierra Tiny Houses

Specializing in the cottage style, the tiny homes found at Sierra Tiny Houses look like they have come straight out of a fairy tale. Their showrooms are located throughout California (Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Reno). They will also assist with your financing. They have a list of lenders on hand and are experts in special RV loans designed for the purchase of tiny homes.

They may have a smaller catalog than other tiny home providers, but they are fully customizable on both the inside and outside. Once you see a floorplan you like, you can adjust it to be exactly how you desire. Their tiny homes range between 223 -310 sq feet. Any of their homes can be made to fit on wheels or on a permanent foundation.

Requirements for tiny homes in California

While tiny homes are legal in California, they do come with certain restrictions and requirements. Nolo covers some of the legal considerations you need when buying a tiny home. These include:

  • Ensuring the local zoning code allows residential use of a tiny home.
  • Whether there are minimum size requirements and development standards. How tiny is too tiny?
  • Ensure the tiny home you purchase meets building and safety standards.

The requirements and minimum stands will differ whether the tiny home is on a permanent foundation or is on wheels. Before you purchase your home, ensure you meet all the legalities to avoid any issues down the road. What is legal in one part of California, might be different in another.

You’ll also want to look at your local ordinances as they vary across the state of California. I’ve seen laws based on the lot sizes, available parking space, whether or not the property is attached, and different rules for ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Unit’s)  and JADU’s (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit).


No matter what style of tiny home you are considering, you will be able to find a provider that can make your visions come to life. California is very tiny home friendly, and you will find yourself part of a special community when you join the tiny home family.

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