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Here's a list of the best real estate investing websites. Every investor has their favorites, but these are the ones that I personally like.

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If you are wanting to learn more about investing in real estate, there are several places that you can get information. You could speak to people who have invested themselves, but it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, the world wide web is vast and filled with useful information. So here is a highlight of some of the best real estate investment websites.

What are the Types of Real Estate Websites?

There are different real estate websites depending on the information that you are looking for. The field of real estate investment is extremely broad and at times vague. You’ll find third parties to help you invest, websites or listing services that show properties that you can buy, and many resources to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing.

If you are new to the world of real estate investing and are looking to gain some knowledge, then these would be the best websites for you to check out. Many will even link you to professionals who will be able to offer in person (or online) assistance. It can never hurt to talk to a professional when it is your money and future on the line. is one of the leading listing websites, and perfect for investors to source a property. You can search broadly or narrow it down. So, if you want a residential property, or a commercial property in a specific area, you will be able to find it. also provides market values for certain areas. Each listing will have useful information and photos. Chances are you have already used to find yourself a rental property, or property for sale in the past. Other similar sites that I use are Trulia, Zillow, Movoto, and the local multiple listing service (MLS).


Investopedia is the encyclopedia on real estate investing. It is not a company or organization, rather an information portal. It offers advice and information on all areas of investing. It is filled with articles written by experts in their fields. So, no matter what you are wanting to learn about, you will find something. Their most popular articles include: Risk management. Portfolio management. How to best manage and maintain your investments. Much of the website will not be relevant (it covers all investing, not just real estate). So use the search bar to specify the type of information you are seeking.


CoStar is a one-stop website that can help in all aspects of commercial real estate investing. They have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. They also offer up to date market and lease analytics. There is a list of current properties available, and contacts for brokers and other professionals.

REI Websites for Investment Opportunities

If you already have the basic skillset required for investing and just want to get started. Then you will want to find a website that sources and lists current and future investment opportunities. You no longer have to check the paper for listings or drive around neighborhoods. These websites are all you will need, and their information is relevant and accurate.


More than a website, Roofstock is considered a real estate investment portal. It lists currently available properties that are for sale with existing tenants in them. So is a perfect resource for first time or beginner investors. You can also list a property you are selling. Roofstock’s filters make it easy to search for specific types of properties and areas. They offer additional paid and free training and coaching, so if you do decide you need further assistance, it is available.

Property Shark

Property Shark is an investment search tool with a difference. It provides listings of current properties for sale, and has an entire section dedicated to foreclosures. Property Shark also has a vast array of records and information for available properties for sale. This information can be very useful when considering purchasing for investment. Information provided includes things like purchase and rental histories, square footage, and any relevant history (such as previous flood damage). You can filter for types of properties (commercial or residential) and stay within a certain price or area.

Websites for Assistance with LLC and REITs

Not everyone wants to become a real estate investor in the traditional sense, and the most common variations to the sole proprietor investor are LLCs and REITs. LLCs are Limited Liability Companies and will allow you to purchase a property as a company rather than an individual. REITs are Real Estate Investment Trusts. REITs are perfect for those who would prefer to enter into a trust and receive dividends instead of traditional rental income. Both are types of real estate investing, and both have useful websites to help.

Crowdstreet for REITs

Crowdstreet is one of the more well-known REIT websites. They have a team of experts who are on hand to assist you in starting and managing your investments. Crowdstreet specialize in individual commercial real estate investments and you can search for current opportunities on hand. They provide information on predicted returns and targeted investment periods, so you can choose the opportunity that best suits you and your budget.

Legal Zoom for LLCs

If starting an LLC is the path you want to take, then Legal Zoom is the best website to assist. They are experts in creation and management of LLCs and can help you, starting from choosing a name for your new corporation. Legal Zoom also offers more than just LLC filing and creation. They offer expert legal advice on all areas of real estate investment.


As can be seen, there are many websites on the internet that can assist you on your journey in real estate investing. There is no reason to do it alone, all the information you will need is available, you just need to know where to look. So, no matter what type of investment you are looking for, you will be able to get helpful and accurate information from your computer or smartphone.


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