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The Email Profits Checklist


Hey! This is Charles Amith and I'm writing this from my home in Silicon Valley.

If you're wondering how you can create a profitable business from scratch, then you'll want to keep reading...

In this checklist, I'll provide my formula for building a profitable email list. As you progress in your online business journey, you'll soon realize the importance of a list, web traffic, and remarketing.

By building your list, you're creating an ecosystem that will allow you to get traffic on demand for the offers that you're promoting.

Business for Beginners

If you're new to all this, let me explain the simple formula for making money.

In order to make money in any business, you have to have an offer (a product or service). When you sell that offer at a profit, then that's when you start making money.

Of course, selling just one product will not make you a fortune in most cases. You'll need multiple offers and the ability to send potential customers to those offers. For example, Target has a bunch offers. They place their shops in great locations throughout the nation and have the ability to get many people into their shops and view various products. If people are looking for a certain type of product, Target will make a profit if the product is purchased.

So how does this idea work for you? Instead of having a shop, you'll have an email that promotes offers. In order to get people to see what you're offering, you'll need to get traffic. That means getting potential customers to view your offers in your email or web page. If you don't have an offer, or you don't know where to start, I'll go over that in my checklist below.

Why build a business with email? 

With email, you can building your audience by using an email list, you also have control over your email, it doesn't cost a lot of money, and you can actively reach out to your audience.

There are other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but you don't own them. They can be leveraged to grow your business, but you don't fully own or control your account. In order to build a long-term business, you should build upon assets that you own and control.

How much money can you make?

Let's say that you're promoting an offer an you can make $50 per a sale.

How many sales does it take to make $1,000?

1000/50 = 20 sales

Spread across 4 weeks, that's 5 sales a week.

How can I make my 1st sale?

You'll need targeted traffic. That means that you'll need to put offers in front of people that are looking for them, or looking for the solution that your offer provides.

I like to start off with 1%. That might seem low, but it's a good number if you're selling to people that you've never met.

Using 1%, it can take 100 unique visitors to make your 1st sale. With a better relationship, you can increase that 1% to a higher number and 10x+ your sales with the same amount of people.

Without an email list, it's hard to create a relationship. If a stranger goes to your website and never returns, that makes it almost impossible to communicate with them again. Earlier, I mentioned something called remarketing. Without getting into all the techie details, remarketing will allow you to re-connect with a person and build a relationship over time. 

Of course, none of this is guaranteed. You'll have to perform activities that will generate business. This checklist will provide you with ideas to help get you started.

I hope all this gives you a better picture!

OK, Let's Get Started!

The Checklist

√ Pick a niche

I'll provide 2 websites that you can use to come up with business ideas. Each book or magazine topic an be used as a business idea.



√ Decide on an offer to promote

Online, you make money by promoting 1 or more offers.

You can promote a tangible product, your own information product, other people's products, or services.

If you're not currently promoting any offers, one of the easiest ways to get started is by promoting offers as an affiliate.

Typically, membership fees are not required in order to promote affiliate offers. After signing up with an affiliate program or network, you'll get a link that you can promote. That link is what tracks your sales. These platforms have analytics that will allow you to see how many clicks and sales you've generated. Many of these programs pay by check, Paypal, or direct deposit.

Check out my eBook to learn about the various types of affiliate programs.

If you want to promote an offer as an affiliate, check out these links:

ClickBank - top-notch affiliate platform for information products, supplements, and software.

Amazon.com's Affiliate Program

Sell Health Affiliate Program

√ Set up an email account that is for marketing purposes only

Namecheap offers affordable email accounts. I highly recommend picking a neutral domain name that does not contain any spam words or power words.

√ Setup your email marketing platform and lead capture page

I highly recommend using GroovePages for lead capture pages, and you can start using it without paying a dime. 

This is a digital marketing toolkit that makes it easy to create web pages (they have so many ready-built templates) and provides Groove Mail*, a system that allows you to send out marketing emails. If you need technical assistance, they have a lot of training resources and support.

Another popular system that I recommend is GetResponse. They're open to affiliates promoting offers through their email marketing platform. With other platforms, you run the risk of shutting your account down due to sending out affiliate offers.

* If you're technical or willing to learn software, GrooveMail will save you more money. However, GrooveMail is in sandbox mode after releasing v2 and only works for upgraded members. If you have not upgraded, then I highly recommend using Sendiio.

You can learn more about Sendiio here. I personally use the Agency edition as it has more options and the price is still super affordable.

Sendiio is a dedicated email system that can be integrated with GroovePages, and it only has a one-time fee. You can use popular email servers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, or any SMTP server. It's a money saver and the monthly payment for sending emails through those email servers is a tiny fraction of the price that you would pay GetResponse or Aweber.

√ Set up your confirmation and thank you page

I currently recommend using a double opt-in list. After building a new list of over 10,000 subscribers, I learned the hard way. While most gurus don't recommend them, their email IP and domain reputations is different than people that are just starting out. With double opt-in, you'll have 2 extra pages: a confirmation page and a thank you page. After a person signs up, you'll want to let them know that they have to confirm by clicking on a link in their 1st email after signing up. After they click on the link, they'll land on your thank you page. I recommend offering your lead magnet via email, and not your thank you page. This helps with engagement which I'll discuss more in future newsletters.

Here are examples from this site:
Thank You Page
Confirmation Page

√ Send traffic to your lead capture page

You can either use blogging, YouTube videos, social media, or paid ads. There are many other ways, but those are the methods that I use. If you want to pay for traffic, I highly recommend using Microsoft Ads for starters.

√ Craft emails that engage and build the relationship for the long-term

Your email subscribers are the lifeblood of your ecosystem. Treat them with respect. Regarding the format, subscribe to other newsletters in the same industry. You'll learn a lot about what engages you and use your findings to craft your emails. As you craft your emails, sprinkle in relevant offers that you can earn money from.

Email Marketing Update

I'm currently working on the latest version of my email marketing course. There were a lot of things that I learned since v1, and I'm hoping that I can save you a lot of time and money with v2.

Since you're subscribed to my newsletter, you'll get a special early bird bonus. My hope is to launch it before I travel to Paris and London in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted.