Clickbank: Is it Legit?

Clickbank: Is it Legit?

Is this mysterious affiliate network too good to be true or the real deal? Let's find out...

Affiliate marketing is all the rage right now, but how do you know which networks you can actually trust? With promises of easy money, ClickBank seems tempting, but should you really dive in?

I've done some major digging to uncover the truth about this popular affiliate network. Grab a glass of wine and get cozy, because we're about to unpack whether ClickBank is legit or just smoke and mirrors.

Let's Go Over Clickbank

Founded in the late 90s, ClickBank has become one of the largest digital marketplaces connecting product creators and affiliate marketers. But what exactly does this platform do?
In a nutshell, ClickBank allows people to promote and sell digital products as affiliates. Vendors upload their ebooks, courses, and software to the ClickBank marketplace. Affiliates can then browse products, promote them to their audience, and earn commissions on sales.
It's free to join as an affiliate, making it easy for anyone to tap into this business model. But while the barrier to entry is low, you still have to put in the work. Choose products carefully, drive traffic, optimize your conversions, and provide stellar customer service.

You won't earn any commissions simply by signing up and hoping for the best. But if you strategize and promote valuable products, you can generate real income. Some affiliates even make 6-7 figures!

Still, ClickBank isn’t without its flaws. Let’s dive deeper...

The Good:

  • Global Reach: ClickBank allows you to promote products worldwide. So no matter where your audience lives, you can find offers that resonate.
  • 60-Day Guarantee: Customers can request refunds within 60 days if unhappy. This protects buyers and minimizes vendor risk.
  • High Commissions: Many products pay 50-75% commissions. Health offers often pay over $30 per sale, making ClickBank lucrative.
  • User-Friendly: The platform makes affiliate marketing accessible for beginners. Easy sign-up, tons of training resources, and helpful community.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Saturated Market: Fierce competition on ClickBank. Your offers need to stand out from the crowd.
  • Spotty Product Quality: Some low-quality products slip through the cracks. Do your research before promoting anything.
  • High Refund Rates: Certain offers see refund rates over 50-60%. Look for this stat before choosing products.
  • Delayed Payments: Some affiliates report late commission payouts. Annoying when you rely on that income.

So while this platform can be profitable, proceed with realistic expectations. Success requires an strategic approach.

Now let’s tackle the biggest question on your mind...

Is ClickBank a Scam?

With promises of easy passive income, ClickBank raises some scam alarms. But after investigating thoroughly, I’m comfortable deeming this platform legit.
Here’s why I’ve reached this conclusion:

Strict Vetting Process

ClickBank thoroughly vets vendors before allowing them to list products. This ensures the quality and legitimacy of most offers.

Industry Recognition

Major publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur have featured ClickBank. This adds credibility.

Lengthy Track Record

Running since 1998, ClickBank has over two decades of successful history under its belt. Hard to fake that!

Billions in Payouts

ClickBank has paid out over $4 billion in affiliate commissions. Scams don’t rack up payouts like that!

Clear Terms

ClickBank’s terms and policies are transparent. Everything is clearly laid out before you join.

Customer Support

They offer reliable customer support to help with any issues. This builds trust and goodwill.

PCI Compliance

ClickBank meets security standards for handling customer payment data. Financial info is protected.

The Verdict?

ClickBank has its flaws like any business, but legitimate indicators overwhelmingly outweigh red flags. Proceed with caution and you can absolutely find success.
Now that we've determined ClickBank is legit, let's dive into tips for getting the most out of this platform.

Choose Profitable Niches

Promoting any random product won't get you far. Research profitable niches first.
Some top options include:

  • Health/Fitness
  • Wealth/Investing
  • Relationship/Dating
  • Survival/Prepping
  • Personal Development
  • Business/Marketing

Look for hungry buyers and passionate communities. Competition can be high, but dedicated audiences make niches lucrative. If you're in the make money niche, make sure that you check out this Clickbank Super Funnel.

Vet Offers Thoroughly

While ClickBank vets vendors, some low-quality products still get listed. Do your own vetting to pick winners.

Factors to Consider:

  • Gravity Score - This indicates popularity. Higher = more sales & conversions. Aim for 50+
  • Commission Rate - 50-75% is ideal. Some pay up to $50 per sale.
  • Refund Rate - Look for this stat. High refunds = unsatisfied customers.
  • Reviews - Check reviews on and off ClickBank. Look out for red flags.
  • Sales Page - Does it build trust and effectively sell the product?
  • Support - Is customer service responsive and helpful? Test it out.

Taking the time to vet offers means you’ll promote valuable products your audience will love.

Drive Targeted Traffic

You need a steady flow of interested prospects to make sales. Drive targeted, high-intent traffic with:

  • SEO - Optimize sites for buyer keywords. Ranking content for those terms earns traffic.
  • PPC Ads - Facebook, Google, Youtube, TikTok, and more. Laser target interested buyers.
  • Influencers - Partner with influencers in your niche to access their engaged audiences.
  • Email Marketing - Build and nurture your email lists to market offers.
  • Content Marketing - Attract your audience with valuable blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.

Master just one traffic source first. Once profitable, scale efforts and add new channels.

Boost Conversions

Getting clicks alone won't earn commissions. Optimize your funnel to convert.

Useful Tactics:

  • Compelling copywriting
  • Social proof elements
  • Effective calls-to-action
  • Strategic incentives
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Excellent customer service

Test different approaches and double down on what converts. Small optimizations make a big revenue difference.

Deliver Value

Building a sustainable business on ClickBank requires a value-first mindset.
Create resources your audience genuinely needs. Put their interests first, not your wallet. Foster trust and community.
This inspires brand loyalty beyond any one ClickBank product. Customers who feel valued will buy again and again.
While affiliate marketing can earn great income, don't get sucked into promoting rubbish just for quick bucks.
Prioritize delivering true value above all else. Your business and conscience will thank you.
Alright, let's continue our ClickBank deep dive...
We’ve covered the core strategies for ClickBank success. Now let’s tackle some common questions from confused newcomers.

How much money can I make with ClickBank?

Income potential varies widely. Some affiliates barely scrape by, while top earners hit 7 figures. With the right approach, 4-5 figures monthly is achievable.
Focus less on potential earnings and more on mastering the core tactics covered already. Valuable skills make money.

What information/ID is needed to sign up?

Just your name, email, account password, and mailing address. No tax details or IDs required initially.
Once you hit the payout threshold of $50, you’ll submit your SSN, physical address, and tax form for payment.

How do ClickBank payouts work?

You’ll receive your commissions every 2 weeks via direct deposit or check once you hit the $50 minimum.
ClickBank deducts small admin fees, then sends your earnings for the period minus those fees. There’s a short processing delay before you receive payment.

How can I get support from ClickBank?

Submit a support ticket through your account or use live chat during business hours.
Average response time is 1-2 days. They also offer documentation and FAQs to self-troubleshoot.

What are some red flags to watch for?

Avoid offers that seem fake or “too good to be true.” Also dodge:

  • Poorly written sales pages
  • Ridiculous income claims
  • Too-short or unclear refund policies
  • No indication of who owns or created the product
  • Overwhelming negative reviews

Use your discernment to steer clear of junk offers. When in doubt, avoid promoting until you investigate further. There are plenty of quality products.

Can I get in trouble for promoting bad products?

You won’t face legal issues, but may damage your audience’s trust. thoroughly vet offers, pay attention to feedback, and remove bad products from your promotional channels.
Prioritizing your audience’s needs preserves your brand’s reputation.

What are some ClickBank alternatives?

Other large affiliate networks include:

  • Shareasale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • Amazon Associates
  • Etsy Affiliate Program

Niche networks like Share-a-Sale (fitness) and AvantLink (technology) also exist. Spreading efforts across multiple platforms can diversify income streams.

Ready to Get Started?

Hopefully this deep dive has equipped you to decide if ClickBank is the right fit.
While rewarding, affiliate marketing requires effort and smarts. Stick with the tactics covered today to build an ethical, sustainable business on ClickBank.
And remember: no “get rich quick schemes” exist. Taking shortcuts usually ends in failure. Play the long game, deliver insane value, and let your results speak for themselves.

Alright, that wraps up this ClickBank content marathon! Let me know if you found this helpful. Consider checking out this exclusive training for affiliate marketing tutorials and biz tips.

Until next time, here’s to your success!