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Curation Policy

At infoSpike, our goal is to provide our visitors with helpful, high-quality content. To ensure this, we have implemented the following content curation policy:

Content Sources

We curate content from trustworthy third-party sources such as educational sites, reputable news outlets, industry experts, and authoritative organizations. We do not copy content from other blogs or websites without permission.


Before publishing any curated content, we do our best fact-check information to ensure accuracy and reliability. We make every effort to only share factual information that can be verified. If any errors are found, please contact us: https://infospike.com/contact

Original Work

While we curate and repurpose content from other sources, we always provide original commentary and analysis to add value for our readers. We never publish curated content verbatim without adding our own unique insights. Attribution We properly attribute all curated content to the original creator and publisher by linking back to the source. This allows us to give credit where credit is due.


Our curation practices adhere to copyright laws and fair use standards. We obtain permission before republishing copyrighted material and only curate small portions of content excerpted from the original source.


Simply reposting content does not benefit our readers. That's why our team contextualizes and analyzes curated content to make it more relevant for our audience. We add value through commentary, situational examples, comparisons, and more.


The curated content we publish must be highly relevant to our niche, aligned with our brand voice, and valuable for our target audience. We do not curate randomly.


Any statistics, facts, or figures curated from other sources are confirmed for accuracy before publishing on our site. We make corrections promptly if any error is found.


If we include any affiliate links within curated content, we clearly disclose them. We are transparent about how we monetize our website. Our top priority is providing readers with high-quality information they can rely on. This curation policy outlines the standards we uphold to maintain trust and authority. We welcome any feedback on our curated content. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.