John Thornhill's Clickbank Coaching Program Review

John Thornhill's Clickbank Coaching Program Review

If you're wondering how to become a top-notch Clickbank vendor or affiliate, there's a review that you'll want to read. It's about John Thornhill's Clickbank Coaching program. Read this review to learn about one of the top vendors on the CB platform.

I met John many years ago. I was a customer of his back in his old PlanetSMS days on eBay.
You might have done the same thing that I did. I searched through Google, forums, and other marketplaces to learn about internet marketing.
One of the places that was thriving with content was eBay. That was well over a decade ago, not so much now.
I bought his Powerseller program and it helped jumpstart my eBay business.
Fast-forward to today, John is a mega Clickbank vendor and affiliate. Since then, I've purchased multiple programs from him and I have zero complaints. His marketing material has help me greatly and I believe that you can learn a lot from him too!
One of the best ways to learn more about what he does is to watch his free webinar.

Who Should Watch The Webinar?

If you're interested in making money at the fastest way possible, then you should watch this webinar.
This isn't a get rich overnight scheme, but you can earn money faster than most traditional business systems.
While there are many people that want to make money online, this will not work for everyone.
You have to be OK with the business model first.

If you're open-minded, and you're interested in making money from digital products like:

  • Ebooks
  • Digital courses
  • Software

Then you can greatly benefit from this webinar.
Offering digital products is one of my favorite ways to make money. There isn't a need to buy, stock, or ship inventory. The profit margins are super high since it's all digital.
If this is all new to you, and you're also open-minded and want to learn more, then you can register for the webinar too. There is no registration fee.

Why Should You Use Clickbank?

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate network's in the world.
If you're new to Clickbank, allow me to explain more.
Think about these 2 scenarios:
1) You promote your products on your own
2) You promote your products, plus you allow 10s of thousands of others to promote them as well. While these other people earn commissions, you still make money off of their promotions and get more customers.
Which scenario would lead to more sales?
Unless you're a highly experienced marketer, most likely you'll earn more with scenario #2.
That's what this coaching is focused on. You'll learn from one of the top Clickbank vendor's and affiliates in the world.

Who Should Totally Avoid this Webinar?

If you don't want to promote a digital product then this webinar might not be for you.
If you're not into using direct response marketing, then avoid this webinar.
However, if you're open-minded and you're looking for ways to accelerate your sales or build a highly profitable business, then I would recommend registering for this webinar.
You'll learn a lot from one of the top super affiliates in the world.

What Bonuses Can I Get Just for Attending?

Bonus 1 - John will give you his private quick start 6 figure cheat sheet to download when you attend the session Live.

Bonus 2 - John will provide bonus training where he reveals his $1,362,342 Clickbank Super Funnel and shows you how you can copy it in 27 minutes flat.

In order to get the bonuses for free, you must register and watch the webinar.

Watch John's Webinar

If you want to learn more about John's super funnel affiliate system, make sure that you read my John Thornhill Ambassador Program review.