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Whether you're running an affiliate business, e-commerce business, or even an offline store, you can utilize the to save time and money.

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Why Did I Get a Groove Account?

While reviewing some posts on my Facebook feed, I noticed a sponsored ad from Mike Filsaime. He's a well known digital marketer and the CEO of (previously known as GrooveFunnels and Groove Apps). I've been following the guy since the early 2000s.

In his ad, he was offering a solution for building out sales funnels. Modern sales funnel products provide multi-phased marketing tools that can be used for affiliate marketing, lead generation, and selling both tangible and non-tangible products and service online.

While Mike is offering free Groove accounts, I did upgrade at the discounted rate. I wanted to invest in a toolset that would allow me to automate and grow my business without dealing with expensive SaaS fees and fly-by-night vendors. Groove isn't just a company owned and operated by Mike, he has a whole team of heavy hitting digital marketers, support staff, and developers.

What Can You Do With

The first reason why I registered for Groove was to building out lead capture pages like this one. GroovePages allows me to build a business by collecting leads and remarketing to them. It's a really simple business model.

While GroovePages allows you to build stunning web pages, you'll need something else if you want to generate leads and create automated email follow-ups. That's where GrooveMail comes into the picture. It's a full-blown email marketing platform that will allow you to create email campaigns, and it also has a built-in email verifier so that you can collect high quality leads that have a higher potential to convert.

For blogging, I decided to use is GrooveBlog. That's what this site is built on. It's still in its infancy stage, but it's still great for promoting offers and your lead capture page.

It's not great if you're planning to promote display ads throughout your content. While I do have blogs that focus on that business model, I've found that promoting offers through direct response marketing is more profitable.

BTW, my Groove Blog has some non-supported custom code on my sidebar. I'm still working on optimizing the speed as it's a bit slow on loading the sidebar links and images. That's more of my issue than Groove's issue. Their sidebar components load faster than mine.

The next app that I used was GrooveVideo. This allows me to upload my videos without using YouTube. If you're creating a course or a set of videos where you don't want to push people away from your website, then Groove Video is a great option. You can also link out to offers from the videos.

Then next app that I used was GrooveKart. I was able to build out my own e-commerce shop with print-on-demand products. For example, I could sell my own mugs with my own designs. I don't need any inventory and just focus on creating designs and promoting the shop. When people order the mugs, the shop is integrated into the print-on-demand (POD) company and they dynamically create the product and ship it out to the customers around the world.

GrooveFunnels allows you to create your own landing pages, add Paypal or Stripe to collect payments, and create your own upsells. You can design your funnel to have as many tiers as you like.

I haven't tried out all of the other apps. I'm planning to eventually build a membership site using GrooveMember. You can also have multiple subscription-based courses and promote them from single website.

There are so many apps on the Groove platform. If I was to recommend 1 single technology offer, it would be this one. It's like having a swiss army knife that's totally focused on building your business.

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