Review -Revealing One of the Top Marketing Ecosystems Review -Revealing One of the Top Marketing Ecosystems

What is is a digital marketing tool that can help you to multiply your income.

The platform used to be called GrooveFunnels and Groove Apps. If you're wondering why they picked a .cm domain, it's because they wanted to highlight their version of .cm: "Customers Matter." was co-founded by Mike Filsaime right before the start of the pandemic. Some people call it the Swiss army knife for internet marketers. While it's often compared to Russel Brunson's ClickFunnels, there's a lot more that this software-as-a-service (SaaS) product can do.

What's in

Here are the components:

  1. GrooveFunnels - the funnel ecosystem
  2. GroovePages - the landing page builder
  3. GrooveMail - the email marketing automation platform
  4. GrooveSell - the digital e-commerce system. Great for info product creators.
  5. GrooveVideo - advanced video hosting for marketers
  6. GrooveAffiliate - an affiliate tracking and management system (and you can also use it as a Groove affiliate)
  7. GrooveProof - a tool for social proof automation
  8. GrooveCalendar - schedule meetings
  9. GrooveMember - manage membership sites
  10. GrooveKart - build your own e-commerce shop online
  11. GrooveBlog - create your own rock solid blog (unlimited traffic and managed for security)
  12. Groove Digital Academy - get top-notch digital marketing training

That's just a list of the most popular components. There are more tools to come.

Before I go into the techie details, let's discuss funnels for a bit.

Funnel techniques can be used for both marketing and sales.

In marketing, you can use them to get the attention of your prospects. In sales, they can be used to get multiple sales by creating a strong mental picture that will compel your prospect to purchase over and over again. This is one of the most powerful money-making secrets I have ever come across. It can work for almost any market, any product or service, anywhere in the world. There is hardly any limit to the amount of money you can make with this secret.

The first thing you need to do is to find a product or service you want to sell... and then you must find a way to sell it using funnels. Let me give you an example: Let's say you are selling info on water purification systems. You could start by selling water filtration systems. From there, you can sell additional filters. Then, you can sell a subscription to water filters since they need to be changed out every several months. From 1 product sale, you're using a funnel to create multiple sales. allows you to create pages called "GroovePages" and place them through a strategically structured funnel...with ease. I've used several funnel software platforms and it seems like they were made by software engineers without thinking about the user experience. Unfortunately, that's a huge problem with small software teams. Groove has a huge team of developers and they have user experience experts onboard.

What is GroovePages?

GroovePages is a website building service that helps people create better sales pages. It is very easy to use. With GroovePages, you can create amazing sales pages with zero coding knowledge. If you already have an existing website, GroovePages can help you improve the conversion rate of that site. The best part about GroovePages is that it was built for non-techies. That means that you don't need a web or software expert to create stunning pages. They are able to do this by using a drag and drop interface. If you ever used Elementor or Gutenberg in WordPress, then you'll be familiar with the drag and drop elements. 

GroovePages also has templates for various areas of a direct-response salesletter. For example, many salesletters have testimonials, money-back guarantees, and call to actions. You'll find a variety of plug-and-play templates that you can pop into your salesletter.

Here's a peak behind-the-scenes of my infoSpike home page in GroovePages:

What are the other benefits of

When people compare to ClickFunnels, they're not just talking about the funnel component, they're also discussing all of the other tools that connect with the funnel. So let's go over this in regards to leads, product sales, and affiliate product landing pages - the ecosystem.

At a high level, is a software application used to increase the productivity and efficiency of your work. It helps to streamline your work process and to cut down on the time you spend doing the same thing. It also makes you more effective. When you use the entire software suite, you're able to save time, money, and put more energy into the tasks that increase the bottom line.

Let's go over some benefits of the ecosystem. You can use it to send emails, to view email analytics, and store and manage your contacts (CRM), track your business transactions, to make webinar presentations, to manage your online store, to manage membership sites, to manage video content, and to also build and manage blogs with ease.

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows you to do all of these things within a single platform.

Can I funnel hack with

Funnel hacking isn't so much about the software; it's more about the process behind it. I'll provide more details.

Funnel hacking is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales and it's a lot easier than you think.

It's about finding out what your competition is doing, and then you can do the same thing and beat them. In other words, funnel hacking is when you find out what your competition is doing and then you follow their steps; I'm not talking about copying them. The question is, how can you differentiate and create a better mouse trap?

You can use the internet to learn about your competition. All you have to do is search for their website and then you will be able to see their latest products and services. This way, you will be able to see what they are selling and how they are promoting their products. You should try to replicate what they are doing so that you can be successful in your own business.

Many marketers purchase other people's products so they can view the entire funnel. You can use Google Chrome to print out sales pages and save them as PDFs for your own swipe library. From there, use these ideas to create your salespages in GroovePages, then place them in your funnel. This includes your font end offer, and your OTOs (one-time offers) so you can earn more through the backend.

How can I get traffic to my GroovePages?

If you're using organic approaches, you can use TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social promotions. You can also post video content on YouTube and articles on GrooveBlog. GrooveBlog is their proprietary blogging system (CMS) and it will allow you to easily create and manage a blog.

If you're wondering if it's better than WordPress, there are pros and cons which I discuss on the GrooveBlog review. I'm currently using GrooveBlog on this website because I got tired to wasting time on WP plugins, playing around with theme design, and all of the frustrations of getting hacked.

If you have an advertising budget, you can use paid ads on the social platforms that I mentioned, as well as search engines like Google and Bing.

There are many other strategies that you can apply offline. I've used postcard marketing, newspaper ads, and magazine ads to promote my landing pages.

What don't I like about

I'll be upfront. Most of the time that I've spent on was as a beta tester. Most of the people that purchased the Platinum package received a great deal since it was in its beta phase. 

Were there bugs? There were a bunch in the beginning and they were a pain in my arse. With that being said, every software, including Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX, has tons of bugs. 

The good thing is that there is a place to report bugs and the team was able to fix tons of bugs since I joined.

Every month, I'm noticing the software become better and better, and they've created tons of new features as well. 

With a huge software team in the hundreds, they have a huge software development budget and they are putting it to great use.

That's what I look for in a software platform. When I see people advertise something similar at a super low price, it's typically a 1-2 person team and they're in it for the money grab; meaning that they make a bunch of money by suckering people in with cheap deals, and then abandon the software. 

Just remember, cheap deals don't make enough money to support the maintenance of the servers and software. You'll want to look for a premium set of tools if you're building your business for the long term.

With all of the top-notch cofounders names on the line, this is a software that will continue to be supported for many years to come.

How much does / GrooveFunnels cost?

You can get access to most of the tools without paying a dime. You'll be able to grab an account and use it without having to worry about a limited-time trial. For example, you can build out landing pages, a sales funnel, or even start a GrooveBlog.

If you want to create unlimited pages, sites, blogs, membership sites, and blogs, then that's where the premium payments come in.

As mentioned earlier, I was an early adopter and bought the lifetime Platinum deal. They've been discussing the idea of splitting the payments across monthly or annual payments.

You can grab and account and view the pricing details on the website.

How do I learn how to use

There are many tools at your disposal at Whether you're trying to build affiliate landing pages, you're building out a single product sales funnel, or even want to learn effective marketing strategies to grow your business, you'll learn a lot from Groove Digital Academy and the customer support group.

Free and premium account holder can get access to on-demand digital marketing training and live webinars.

Are there any special bonus offers?

If you grab an account (free or premium) through my affiliate link, I'm offering special training.

For free accounts, you'll get an email of my special report on how to create income streams online through a system that I've been using for over a decade. I'll walk you through the entire process and answer questions along the way.

For people that upgrade, I'll give you access to my premium Passive Income Fast Track program that is being sold for $497 to my customer base.

If you upgrade to a paid account, you'll get lifetime access to this course at no extra charge.

In this course, I'll go through a strategy that you can use to build a business and get traffic to your offers. Whether you want to market your GroovePages, the affiliate program, or other people's products - this organic strategy works!

In the course, you'll learn:

If you want access to, the Groove Digital Academy, and one of my bonuses , make sure that you grab an account today. It's free to get started.

Note: Go to my contact us page to request the bonus if you don't receive the automated bonus email.