OLSP Review (Is Wayne Crowe's System Really Legit)?

OLSP Review (Is Wayne Crowe's System Really Legit)?

What is Wayne Crowe's OLSP and Should You Join
Have you ever come across a money-making opportunity that seems too good to be true? As an online marketer, I've seen my fair share of pie-in-the-sky income claims and questionable business models. But every so often, a program comes along that catches my eye for all the right reasons.
That brings me to OLSP—which stands for One Lead System Pixel—created by internet marketing veteran Wayne Crowe. Could OLSP help take your business to the next level?

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Let's get into the nitty-gritty...

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A Quick Overview of OLSP and Founder Wayne Crowe

Wayne Crowe has well over a decade of experience with online lead generation, list building, affiliate marketing, and selling information products.
He first made a name for himself providing solo ad services to help marketers quickly build large email lists.
Over time, Wayne realized that simply amassing a huge list wasn't enough. The quality and targeting of leads mattered more than the quantity. So he set out to develop a comprehensive system—called OLSP—to help affiliates promote offers AND build their audience simultaneously.
The foundation of OLSP is its state-of-the-art lead capture and sales funnel technology. As a member, you get access to done-for-you funnels, sales pages, email follow-up sequences and more to automate your affiliate promotions.
But OLSP takes things further by giving members the ability to build their own high-converting capture pages and funnels using TD Pages or the more feature-rich Mega Builder Software. There's also targeted traffic built into the system in addition to excellent affiliate commission payouts.
Let's explore the key components of OLSP in more detail...

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Joining OLSP as a Free or Paid Member

The great thing about OLSP is that you can join for FREE and still access many helpful tools and resources:

  • Training - As a free member, you get access to Wayne's solo ad system and ongoing digital marketing training events.
  • Software access - Get access to the OLSP portal. As a free member, you'll get access to Wayne's traffic generation system.
  • Community - Connect with over 145,000 other OLSP members for advice, feedback, and joint venture opportunities

If you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, you unlock even more beneficial features:

  • Done-for-you sales funnels with high-converting copy and graphics to promote affiliate offers
  • Built-in free and paid traffic sources to send to your capture pages
  • Excellent commissions on internal products as well as top external offers

There are a few different levels of paid memberships, which we'll cover shortly when discussing the commission structure.
First, let's look at how you can make money with OLSP...

Promoting OLSP for Commissions

One of the most lucrative aspects of OLSP is the generous commission structure it offers. By promoting various OLSP products and services, you can earn anywhere from 50% to 200% commissions.
Let's break this down further:
How Commissions Work
Whenever someone purchases or upgrades to a paid OLSP membership level, you get a percentage of that sale. So the more new signups and upgrades you generate, the more money you can make.
Recurring commissions are offered too. So if someone keeps their paid membership for multiple months, you continue earning a % each month. This creates excellent potential for passive affiliate income.
Commission Rates
The commission rates depending on your member account and the products being promoted.
Since I purchased Teambuilder, here are the commission rates on some popular OLSP products.

  • Mega Link: 100% tier-1 commissions, 200% tier-2 commissions
  • List Building + Magic Link: 100% tier-1 commissions, 200% tier-2 commissions
  • Megabuilders Monthly: 50% tier-1, 5% tier-2 commissions
  • TeamBulders Monthly: 50% tier-1, 5% tier-2 commissions
  • Mega Messenger Monthly: 40% tier-1, 10% tier-2 commissions

So you can earn anywhere from 40% to 100% depending on the specific product and whether it is first-tier, second-tier or recurring commissions.
Higher membership levels (explained shortly) qualify you for the highest commissions across the board.

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Income Potential
It's possible to generate thousands per month in commissions through OLSP. Some top earners make 5-figures per month.
But most members will start smaller while they learn effective promotion methods. The key is driving targeted, high-intent traffic to your affiliate links.
Things like paid ads and influencer marketing can quickly scale an OLSP business. But organic reach through content, SEO and social media can also work very well.
Within 6-12 months, 4-figure monthly incomes are reasonable (not guaranteed) goals promoting OLSP effectively. And income can snowball quickly as your organic reach and passive commissions grow.

Main Products in OLSP

Mega Link

Mega Link is one of the core entry-level products within OLSP. Here are some key things it provides members:

  • Access to done-for-you funnels and pages to promote offers
  • Training on traffic generation and conversion optimization
  • Ability to earn commissions from free members who upgrade

When you join OLSP as a Mega Link member, you get a special affiliate link to promote. This allows you to earn a 100% commission on any first-tier sales.
There are also second-tier commissions available to Teambuilders when people you refer go on to refer others. So Mega Link helps facilitate ongoing passive income.
Of course, to maximize your earnings, you'll need to drive targeted traffic to your unique link. The training inside Mega Link teaches different methods to do this.
As a bonus, you'll receive Comment Dominator Pro. This slick system helps you score tons of comments on your social posts, expanding your organic reach dramatically. Plus, as a member you can make daily commissions just by commenting on others' posts. With its one-two punch of boosted visibility and comment-based earnings, CD Pro makes social platforms incredibly worthwhile.

Magic Link

While Mega Link focuses mostly on promoting OLSP internal products, Magic Link serves a different purpose. It facilitates list building and external offer promotions.
With Magic Link, you can create squeeze pages and funnels to capture leads to build your email list. The system handles all of the email follow-ups automatically to get people onto your list.
You can then monetize your list by promoting external offers. This includes info products, affiliate programs, services, etc.
So together, Mega Link and Magic Link form a powerful combination. Mega Link allows you to earn commissions from OLSP upgrades. And Magic Link helps you build an asset by growing your subscriber base.

List Building System (Included in Magic Link)

As the name suggests, the OLSP List Building System takes the lead generation tools in Magic Link even further.
You get access to additional done-for-you templates and campaigns to help capture more subscriber leads. The system also provides advanced analytics to track conversion rates.
With some dedicated effort, the List Building System can help affiliates generate hundreds or even thousands of leads over time. This asset can then be monetized in many ways.
So while Mega Link and Magic Link give you solid basics, the List Building System greatly accelerates your business.

Advanced Features and Software

Mega Builder Software

While the main OLSP products provide excellent fundamentals, upgrading to the Mega Builder Software takes things to an advanced level.
The Mega Builder Software is built on one of the most powerful and popular platforms used by top marketers.
With the Mega Builder Software, you gain much more customization abilities and automation power, including:

  • Build custom landing pages and sales funnels
  • Integrate with email, SMS, and messenger platforms
  • Set up intricate workflows and segregate your list
  • Generate detailed conversion analytics
  • Build out and manage websites and WordPress blogs
  • Sell courses and membership sites

In essence, the core OLSP products give you the ingredients, but the Mega Builder Software provides the tools to bake your own high-converting cakes!
This software also makes it easy to promote any offer beyond OLSP. For example, you could create review sites, launch online courses, build membership portals and more.
So while the OLSP ecosystem provides excellent money-making potential in its own right, the Mega Builder Software really unlocks next-level opportunities.

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The “Toffee Method”

One of the most interesting advanced training elements I came across in OLSP is something called the "Toffee Method."
This is a social media marketing strategy developed directly by Wayne Crowe himself. The idea is to use social media content to build engaged audiences and drive traffic to just about any offer.
Unlike traditional social media marketing focused on vanity metrics like follower counts, the Toffee Method leverages Wendy's proven conversion optimization expertise.
So rather than just amassing followers and hoping for engagement, this method attracts targeted followers likely to convert. Things like video views, lead capture, and sales can then happen organically.
I'm still getting up to speed on the nuances of the Toffee Method. But the early training provides a blueprint for social media domination that is future-proof, especially after the Google Helpful Content Update (HCU) that hit a bunch of businesses focused on Google SEO.
As social platforms come and go, the core principles of attracting and engaging ideal followers remain highly relevant. So the Toffee Method has very exciting long-term potential.

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Pros and Cons of Wayne Crowe's OLSP

Now that we've explored the various components of OLSP, let's summarize some of the key pros and cons of the system:

  • Excellent commissions promoting OLSP products
  • Done-for-you funnels and marketing materials
  • Built-in free and paid traffic sources
  • System designed for long-term passive income
  • Advanced software unlocks higher-level opportunities
  • Training covers both affiliate promotions and list building


  • Requires consistent effort over an extended period to see results
  • Income potential depends greatly on traffic and conversions
  • Need to invest in higher membership levels to really maximize earnings
  • Mostly digital/info marketing focused; other biz models need external tools; if you upgrade to Mega Builders, then you can get access to a world-class marketing software to promote offers in just about any market.

As with most genuine business opportunities, OLSP clearly has far more pros than cons for those willing to put in the effort.
However, it does require the right expectations. OLSP is NOT a get-rich-quick system or loophole. Building passive income streams takes time before they gain momentum.
But what you get is a rock-solid foundation backed by a reputable company and industry veteran in Wayne Crowe. All the pieces are there to build multiple income streams if properly leveraged.

So should you join OLSP?
That depends on your current business goals and level of commitment. If you have experience with affiliate marketing and want high-converting funnels combined with list building tools, OLSP is a no brainer.
Similarly, if you are new to online business but realize it takes consistent marketing efforts over an extended period, OLSP provides immense value.
Just understand that to fully unlock OLSP's potential, you need to invest in things like traffic and higher membership levels. If you join but take very little action, you likely won't see great results.
However, put in consistent and growing efforts month-after-month, and OLSP can pave the way for some very lucrative online income streams. OLSP is $7 to get started. I highly recommend this system.

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