Shuffler Pro Review

Shuffler Pro Review

In this Shuffler Pro review, you'll learn about what it does, who it's for, and who should totally avoid it.

Who Is Shuffler Pro for?

If you've been looking for a digital business for some time, you might have heard of the saying, "the money is in the list." This was true when I 1st started my business well over a decade ago, and it will be true for many years to come.

If you're not sure what this list building stuff is, it's an email marketing-focused business.

Whether you have an existing business or not, you can make money through its built-in email marketing system by promoting other people's products. You can promote Clickbank offers or non-Clickbank offers with ease.

Why Do You Need It?

With any business, you'll find that most people will not buy anything from you the first time that you meet the or promote your offer.

That's where email comes it. Over the years, it's proven to be the most effective tool for "business" communications...even compared to social media. Most people that go on social media aren't typically on those platforms to shop.

Diving into Shuffler Pro, it will allow you to build your own list (aka generate leads). You can use its internal database to store your leads, or integrate popular solutions like GetResponse, Mailchimp, or Aweber.

Not only that, it will allow you to grow your list virally through its internal traffic and promotional system. This is an exclusive system that isn't easy to create, even for people that know how to build websites.

Another plus is that you can create your own mini-sales funnel. The app allows you to add your own backend offer page links.

What Is It and What Can It Do For You?

I've already mentioned viral lead generation, however what does that mean to you?

First, it allows you to easily create your own opt-in pages. You can create your own custom opt-in pages that apply to just about any market. So if you just wanted a lead capture page generator, you could just use this and nothing else.

The reason it's called Shuffler Pro is because you can shuffle, or randomly generate designs for your landing page. You can also shuffle different Clickbank offers for your landing page, or create custom opt-in pages which I'll discuss later in this review.

Example of a Shuffler Pro opt-in page

Second, it allows you to add in a viral mechanism after people opt-in. This viral strategy is automated and optional. However, if you decide to use it, it can multiply your traffic without spending additional money on leads through the viral traffic system.

This is huge! If you think about the costs of generating leads, of building your list, the cost has been increasing year-after-year. In order to build a sustainable business, you have to incorporate other strategies and Shuffler offers that through its viral traffic system.

In addition to generating leads, you can also use this to create your own sales funnels. Once somebody opts into your list, you can set up pages on the backend. Think about these as one-time offers (OTOs) or upsells. These can help you create profitable campaigns early on.

Who Created this Software?

Bryan Winters, the king of viral apps, is the creator of Shuffler Pro. He's created a whole suite of viral apps, and Shuffler Pro is one of my favorites. It has a lot of flexibility for custom funnels.

What Does It Take to Set it Up?

For non-techies, you can watch the quick training video and then set up your first funnel in less than 10 minutes.

Just go into the back office, fill in the blanks, and click on the Shuffle It button to generate your opt-in page.

Here's a screenshot of the back office:


Who Should Totally Avoid Shuffler Pro?

If you don't care about viral traffic, don't get this software.

If you don't want done for you lead capture pages, then there is no need to buy this software.

If you're looking for a drag-and-drop landing page designer, this is not the tool for you.

Are There Any Issues with Using It?

The main issue that I have with this software is that you can't use your own images on your opt-in pages.

After you generate, aka shuffle, your page, you have the ability to change your headlines and backend offers, something that isn't easily doable with Bryan's other apps.

Getting Viral Traffic

While you can get viral traffic after using the app, you'll need to ignite it with your own traffic. That ignition system, that's what I call it anyways, requires more work than just following their social media traffic you would need your pre-existing audience.

Most people don't have a pre-existing audience that is interested in buying while visiting social media sites, so that could be a toughie.

So if you're just buying this for traffic, then you wouldn't be happy. Think about Shuffler's viral traffic like a bonus on top of your traffic. So if you need that ignition traffic, let me know. I can provide you with a bonus if you buy from my links on this site and send me your receipt. That's an exclusive bonus to help you build your business with this app.

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