uPassive Review

uPassive Review

In this uPassive review, you'll learn about the good, the bad, and ugly when it comes to uPassive.

Who Is uPassive for?

This software app is for people that want to build an online business as fast as possible and at an affordable price.

Why Do You Need It?

If you're wanting to build a business online, typically you'll need a website and a website address (a domain).

From there, you'll need a product to sell so that you can make money.

In addition to all of that, you'll need content on the website and people to view what you're offering.

uPassive simplifies this process by providing a system for all of that.

What Is It and What Can It Do For You?

If you've been involved in promoting other people's products through affiliate marketing, you would have heard of Clickbank. It's one of the top affiliate networks that allows you to promote other people's products. It's mostly focused offering information digitally, software, and health supplements.

The uPassive platform allows you to offer top products from Clickbank and monetized web pages that you can profit from.

Who Created this Software?

It was created by Brendan Mace and Diego Hernando. If you've been involved in the internet marketing space for over a decade, then you might have heard of Diego's software company called Incansoft.

Over a decade ago, Incansoft was a top provider of affordable desktop applications that provided solutions to digital marketers. uPassive is the 1st web-based app that I've noticed from Incansoft that can run on just about any computer operating system, both desktop and mobile.

What Does It Take to Set it Up?

If you're a non-techie, then this system can be really helpful.

After getting an account, you can launch a business in less than 10-30 minutes using the done-for-you offers.

If you're building out your own custom offer, then it can take more time.

Who Should Totally Avoid uPassive?

If you're a seasoned affiliate, know how to build landing pages, and know how to integrate an email marketing system, then you should avoid this system.

The point of this software is to get you up and running if you don't have any of that experience. So if you're in this boat, then you can benefit from this software app.

Are There Any Issues with Using It?

In any business, you'll need a location, products or services that you can make money from, and customers that are willing to buy from you.

First, while there is a way to promote your offers through this system, you'll still need to get people to your website (aka traffic). Their social media traffic is most likely to work for people that a pre-existing audience or if you're willing to build an audience. 

If you're not sure how to do that, I'm here to help. Just buy it using a link on this website, then send me a copy of your receipt, and I'll provide a lot of information on how to do that. That's a just an exclusive bonus gift that I'm providing.

With any sustainable business, you'll have to build it over time and realize that success doesn't happen overnight.

Second, realize that some of the niches that the system focuses on are very competitive. With that being said, these are the markets that I personally work on because you don't need to worry so much about market saturation and there's tremendous income potential. For example, the weight loss marketing brings in about $71 billion USD per a year. Getting a tiny slice of that pie is still a great sum of money.

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