Zylvie Review - Sell Your Digital Products and Subscriptions With No Hidden Fees

Zylvie Review - Sell Your Digital Products and Subscriptions With No Hidden Fees

Simple, High-Converting Cart
Are you an entrepreneur, creator or consultant who wants to sell digital products and subscriptions directly to customers - without all the outrageous platform fees cutting into your profits?

Listen up: Zylvie may be the simple, cost-effective cart and checkout solution you've been searching for.

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Let's explore how this slick software can help you boost conversions and start selling online with just a few clicks, no technical skills required. Plus, we'll look at why Zylvie beats similar tools like Gumroad and Teachable when it comes to features, customer experience and most importantly, pricing.

Why Pay 10% When You Can Go Straight to 0%?

If you've tried to sell your digital goodies through a platform like Gumroad, you know the steep 10% transaction fee takes a painful bite out of your bottom line.
While Gumroad handles all of the tax remittance and compliance for you, their fees add up quickly. And you have zero control over your checkout process, customer data or email marketing.
That's where Zylvie shines. This clever cart software charges no transaction fees at all. You pay absolutely ZERO commissions on your sales.
How is this possible?
Simple - with Zylvie, you process payments directly through your own Stripe or PayPal account. You keep 100% of each sale (minus credit card processing costs which are unavoidable.)

You're also in full control of managing your own taxes and compliance for VAT/GST/sales taxes. For solopreneurs and small business owners, this is much less complex than it sounds.

No middleman taking their cut means more money in your pocket. Cha-ching!
Now let's look at...

Why Funnels and Zylvie Beat LMS Platforms for Sales

Have you ever tried creating a course inside Teachable, Thinkific or Kajabi?
While these learning management systems (LMS) make it simple to organize course content, their clunky, template-driven checkout flows leave much to be desired.
With Zylvie's simple funnel builder, you can create high-converting sales pages and seamless checkout experiences in just minutes.
Forget long, confusing course registration forms - Zylvie's packages and payment options keep things clean and distraction-free. Students click straight from your sales letter to a slick checkout optimized for conversions.
And Zylvie's built-in list building and automation tools help you nurture leads into happy, paying customers. Send timed email sequences, create lead magnets and opt-in forms, and integrate with top marketing platforms.
An LMS just can't compete when it comes to selling. Funnels for the win!
Now, let's explore some of Zylvie's...

Key Features That Make Selling Simple

Zylvie packs a ton of useful features into one user-friendly platform. Here are some of the highlights:

Simple Funnel Builder

You can create funnels with ease using Zylvie. No complicated editors, no complicated configurations. Just set up your products, and create upsells and order bumps - pre and post check out pages.

Integrated FOMO Tools

Drive urgency and scarcity with built-in fear of missing out (FOMO) features. Add countdown timers, stock counters and more to boost conversions.

Email List Building and Automation

Capture leads and nurture them into customers with Zylvie's email marketing capabilities. Send your customer data through their webhook to integrate with Zapier, Pabbly, and more. This will allow you to manage your autoresponder sequences, segment your lists, and integrate with email marketing service providers.

Affiliate and Partnership Management

Reward partners and collaborators by setting up automated affiliate commissions and promo tracking. Zylvie makes it easy.

Zero Transaction Fees

The biggest benefit of all - sell your digital goods and subscriptions with no platform fees or commissions. More profit for you!
Okay, let's talk...

Pricing - Go Direct for the Best Deal

You may have seen Zylvie deals on AppSumo and wondered: are these legit lifetime plans with no hidden gotchas?

Short answer: yes, but you'll get even better pricing if you purchase directly from Zylvie instead of via a deal site.

Here's why:
AppSumo's Zylvie plans limit the number of sales for the lifetime of your account. Go over that, and you'll pay per-sale transaction fees.
By buying directly from Zylvie instead, you can unlock unlimited products, sales, and avoid all commissions forever. Plus, only Zylvie's direct plans let you remove their "powered by" link for a fully white-label experience.
For small solopreneurs, Zylvie's direct pricing provides the best value and flexibility. And you still get a lifetime deal, just without the arbitrary product limits.

Zylvie's User-Friendly Interface Makes Selling Breeze

Selling online doesn't have to be complicated. Zylvie's intuitive interface makes it fast and easy to:

Manage Your Product Catalog

Add new products, update pricing, mark items as hidden or featured - Zylvie's backend keeps your catalog organized.

Customize Branding and Checkouts

Make checkouts match your brand with custom domains, design colors and styles. Apple Pay and Google Pay options optimize for mobile buyers.

Automate Tasks and Workflows

Sync data, handle refunds, segment contacts and more - no coding needed. Zylvie integrates with top marketing and payment tools.
For creators and entrepreneurs who want complete control of their business, Zylvie provides the perfect blend of simplicity and customization.

Zylvie Helps You Sell Digital Goods Your Way

If you're a coach, creator or consultant tired of losing income to platform fees and lackluster checkout experiences - Zylvie may be your solution.
With Zylvie's dead-simple funnel builder, fomo tools and automation capabilities, you can create high-converting sales pages and checkout flows in minutes.
Best of all, you pay zero commissions or monthly fees. More money stays in your pocket, where it belongs.
Want to simplify selling, keep control of your brand and maximize your profits?

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Why Choose Zylvie Over Other Shopping Carts and Funnel Builders?

You may be wondering - with so many software tools out there for selling online, why choose Zylvie?
Great question! Let's compare Zylvie to some popular alternatives.
Gumroad is one of the biggest names in digital commerce. But with their steep 10% transaction fees, you sacrifice a chunk of each sale.
Platforms like Teachable and Thinkific make it easy to organize online courses, but their focus is on LMS (learning management systems) and that leaves much to be desired.
What about funnel builders like ClickFunnels, Groove.cm, System.io, and the like? These platforms have a lot of features, and that means a lot of bloat. With bloat, it brings down productivity due to its inherent complexities. Instead of being all things to all people, Zylvie focuses on a sweet experience for solopreneurs that want things simple.
Zylvie combines the best features of shopping carts, course platforms and funnel builders into one seamless, and simple solution.
You get the simplicity of Gumroad or Teachable with alot of flexibility, versatility and zero fees.
You also get easy funnel building with fully integrated shopping cart capabilities optimized for high conversions.
Zylvie just makes selling stuff online...well, easy.

Zylvie's Standout Benefits for Selling Online

Dead Simple Setup

Launching with Zylvie takes minutes, not hours or weeks. Just connect your payment processor, add your product, fill out the product page, and start selling. No convoluted site building, configuration between all the moving parts, or coding required.

Complete Customization

Make your online store or course signup flows completely your own. Tweak design colors, branding, layouts and more to match your style.

Mobile-Optimized Checkout

Zylvie's checkout flows work flawlessly on all devices. Apple Pay and Google Pay integration means seamless buying for mobile users. Cha-ching!

Email Marketing Fully Integrated

Capture leads and turn them into customers with Zylvie's webhook / integration capabilities. Once you integrate with a 3rd party email marketing platform, you can generate leads, and send drip campaigns with top providers.

Affiliate and Partner Tracking

Reward partners and collaborators by setting up automated affiliate commissions and promo tracking. This tracking system is built into Zylvie. Simple yet powerful.

Zero Platform or Transaction Fees

The biggest benefit of all. You pay nothing to use Zylvie itself, and zero commissions on any sales. Stop giving away your hard-earned money!

Zylvie Packs Powerful Features Made Simple

Here are some of the top features that enable you to sell stuff your way with no headaches:

  • Easy funnel builder to create high-converting sales pages and flows quickly
  • Integrated FOMO triggers like countdown timers and stock counters to boost conversions
  • Tiered pricing and package options to offer Good-Better-Best product versions
  • Discount codes and coupons for promotions and customer incentives
  • Subscription management and billing for memberships and recurring payments
  • Smart affiliate management and tracking to automate your partner program
  • Lead capture and email marketing platform integration to build your audience
  • Inventory tracking and controls for tangible products and digital downloads
  • Customer management and segmentation to personalize marketing and sales
  • Analytics and sales reporting to identify opportunities and optimize performance
  • API and Zapier + Pabbly Connect integration to connect other tools for automation

Zylvie takes care of all the complex stuff behind the scenes so you can focus on selling

Zylvie Review

Wrapping Up

Selling online doesn't have to be painful. Zylvie provides an all-in-one solution to help creators and entrepreneurs sell effortlessly.
With its dead-simple setup, total customization and zero hidden fees, Zylvie beats platforms like Gumroad and Teachable hands down. And it includes powerful features missing from most funnel builders and cart solutions too.
If you want complete control of your brand, payments, email marketing and funnels, Zylvie is a no-brainer. Its intuitive interface makes digitally selling your services, courses and subscriptions a breeze.
Stop giving away your profits to middlemen. Use Zylvie to sell your stuff your way - and keep 100% of what you earn. 💰

Give Zylvie a try and take your online business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment gateways does Zylvie integrate with?
Zylvie seamlessly integrates with Stripe and PayPal (estimated Q32024) so you can accept credit card payments directly on your site. Zylvie also supports Apple Pay, and Google Pay for simple mobile payments.

Does Zylvie handle EU VAT compliance?
Zylvie does not handle EU VAT collection and remittance. You will need to register for VAT MOSS independently if selling digital goods in the EU.

What tools does Zylvie have for converting website visitors into buyers?
Zylvie has lead capture forms, exit intent popups, and email integrations to nurture visitors into customers. The funnel builder also lets you create optimized sales flows.

How can I reward customer loyalty and promote referrals?
Use Zylvie's affiliate tools and promo codes to reward referrals. For loyalty, create a VIP area with exclusive content or percent-off coupons. Send surprise rewards to delight repeat buyers.

What upsell features does Zylvie offer?
Zylvie supports post-purchase upsells, one-click upsells, and creating bundles/packages to increase average order value (AOV). You can also offer add-ons.

Does Zylvie offer referral marketing software?
Yes, Zylvie has robust affiliate marketing tools for creating partner/referral programs with promo codes, custom commission rates, and automated payouts.

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