My Top 3 Side Hustles

My Top 3 Side Hustles

Not all digital businesses are the same. In this article, I'll go over the top 3 side hustles that I've been profiting from for over a decade.

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1) The Niche Website Model

For this model, I build out websites focused on 1 topic. That can be a very narrow topic, or a wider one. With the wider model, I just make sure that there are a wide variety of products that are of interest to that audience.

As an example, I built out a cruise line website. As you can imagine, that website reviewed various cruise lines, as well as popular cruise destinations.

While I don't have a travel agency, I worked with some as an affiliate. That means that I earned commissions by referring website visitors to travel services.

That website had a narrow focus, but it had more room to grow. If I wanted to offer travel accessories, that would be an option that would be of interest to that audience.

To get people to the website, I would get organic traffic through Google. The idea was to create content around not-so popular topics. If I were to focus on more popular topics, then it would be very difficult due to the high level of competition.

2) The List Building Model

This is one of my favorite business models because of its simplicity. If you really want to create a freedom lifestyle , then this would be one of my top picks.

Here's how it works...

You have a web page that asks for contact information. Most of the time, I just use an email address.

That page is typically short and sweet, and focuses on creating enough desire so that a person provides me with their email address.

For example, if I had an e-commerce store that sold diamond rings, some people might want to provide their email address to get access to a coupon. Some people call this an ethical bribe.

From there, I send monetized emails throughout the week.

3) The E-Commerce Model

This model requires a lot of work compared to the last 2. However, you don't need to worry about creating a product (unless you want to).

The old school model is finding items to sell, and then post them on eBay.

Nowadays, you can use the Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or Amazon.

All of those places have a lot of traffic.

So you just post products, optimize your product descriptions, and then hopefully, you'll get sales.

There are different ways to tweak this 3rd business model so that you don't have to buy inventory or directly deal with the post office or any other shipping service.

Those are my top 3 methods. There are many more, but these are proven to work!

If you're just getting started, here's a method that you can use .