How to Create Geometric Growth with Affiliate Marketing

How to Create Geometric Growth with Affiliate Marketing

When I first built my business, the whole idea of geometric growth was mostly offered through network marketing. Nowadays, there are other business models with great scalability.

So what is geometric growth?

You probably already know. Here's an example to illustrate.

You recruit 3 sales people.

Each of those 3 recruit 3.

...and the same goes for all of those people under you.

That model has been sold for decades.

So with an affiliate marketing business, you can scale either with 2-tier affiliate marketing, or by making more sales (subscriptions, consumables, or through selling more product/service purchases).

The simple way is to go into a great buyers market.

Instead of one person buying a bottle of vitamins, let's talk about getting fit.

For many years, I've been into fitness.

I've bought so much home gym equipment in the last 2 decades.

My first purchase was a bench with free weights.

Later, a treadmill.

Then I bought resistance bands.

Then I got tired of all of that equipment and focused on body weight training.

So I bought pull-up bars, push-up bars, and TRX stuff.

That's just equipment...but I think you already get the picture.

I wanted the same result that a bunch of guys dream about...getting a six-pack :)

To understand how you can implement this business model, and get repeat buyers for yourself, I highly recommend building a business in the digital space.

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