The Message to Market Match- the Hyper-Focused Marketing Method for  Generating More Business

The Message to Market Match- the Hyper-Focused Marketing Method for  Generating More Business

In this article, I'll discuss getting more bang for the buck when it comes to generating more leads and sales.

When I was starting out in financial services, I remember having conversation with my uncle. He asked...

"Why would you ever want to sell retirement plans and insurance?"

He got started in financial services in the late 70's. Have you heard of A.L. Williams he asked? It was one of the largest companies that sold the idea of "Buy Term and Invest the Difference."

My uncle was jaded about the industry. He told me that it was over saturated and that it was too hard to make money.

Here's the Big Mistake

Back then, the whole idea was "contact more people."

Then that changed to... "contact more qualified people."

Both of those strategies will get results, but both still aren't effective.

Here's what you have to do...

Communicate With the Hungriest of the Hungry

What is a hungry market in your business?

What problems are they facing?

What do they want to hear?

Those seem like basic questions, but diving into solutions for those will help you get tons of just gotta do the leg work.

Here's an example...

During the pandemic, real estate prices skyrocketed.

What's strange about that is that, even with higher prices, more people were buying.

Real estate FOMO.

That impacted renters. The cost of renting increased, and inventory reduced.

So now you have a super huge demand, and low supply.

In other words, you have multiple hungry markets.

Let's just talk about the real estate buyers. My friend listed his home near Austin, Texas. He had over 100 offers in 3 days.

Another person that I know listed a house for rent. Over 100 inquiries in 5 days.

Offers and inquiries are leads. In the case of the rental property, no paid advertising was used. It was all based on free classified ads.

Both of those are high-end offers.

Lesson Learned

So far, we've talked about having the right message to the right market. Before you can even do that, you'll have to put yourself out there and tap into hungry audiences.

In most competitive markets, there will be a segment of people that are starving for what you're offering.

However, sifting and filtering out the people are a total waste of your time is a huge step.

When it comes to building a list, I'd rather have a list of 1000 starving leads than 100,000 tire kickers.

If you want to build your business through list building, check out my course.