Building Passive Income Without the Confusion

Building Passive Income Without the Confusion

I remember when I bought my first course on building passive income.

The whole idea was to send traffic to landing pages. These pages would then eventually promote a product or service. For each sale that was made, I would make a percentage.

There's a problem with this approach...

If you're just sending traffic to those landing pages, there's a big chance that you would be leaving money on the table. A tiny percent will buy, and the rest will leave your site and mostly likely never return.

That's why you need to build a list. I've created a course that's newbie friendly and will help you build a passive income business.

...without the confusion. I want to emphasize that because most of the courses that I've taken on the subject have a generic process that doesn't work for most people. The biggest mistake that I've seen is trying to follow a guru that is telling you their best tactics that typically don't work for people that are just starting out...or tactics that used to work years ago.

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