Charles' Top 5 Business Resources

Charles' Top 5 Business Resources

To get started, you'll need a roadmap to reach your goal and you'll need the tools to get there.

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Here are my top 5 recommendations:

1) Learn from a Top Internet Marketing Coach

My recommendation is to get mentored by somebody that has a successful track record.

You have to find somebody that is a great teacher and a doer. Preferably, someone that has gone through the struggles of building an online business and has created 7 to 8+ figures from scratch, versus someone that already had a lot of money to start with.

Instead of teaching classes and mentoring others on my own, I've decided to partner with my coach. I've been learning from John for well over a decade.

Before getting started, I recommend checking out John's workshops:

1) Make money by promoting other people's products

2) Make money by creating and promoting your own products

2) How to Build a Profitable Email List

While list building isn't for every business, it's the #1 marketing strategy that I suggest to almost every business owner. Why?

First, you'll be able to build a long-term asset.

Second, you'll be able to create your own traffic source.

The third reason is that it's the best way to make money online.

There are so many other reasons to build your own email list and I invite you to learn more from one of the top list builders that I know.

3) Rock-Solid Website Hosting

While there are many cheap website options, frankly, most of the platforms that are recommended on hosting review sites suck. That's because they're focused on the services that provide the highest commissions.

The hosting service that I recommend is called Siteground.

They have rock-solid hosting and provide great customer service. This is a great option if you're planning to create a WordPress blog. You can also select your website address, your domain, during the ordering process.

4) Get More People to Watch Your YouTube Videos

While having a great video can get a lot of viewers, having a great description, tags, and topic really matters on YouTube. If you focus on highly competitive topics, then there's a slim chance that anybody will view your videos.

That's where Videly comes in. It's a tool that will allow you to find keywords that people type into YouTube, and provide recommendations for what keywords to target, what tags you should use, and ideas for your video description.

Just follow the recommendations and increase the exposure of your videos.

5) Get Top Rankings in Google

Instead of mentioning a course, I'll mention one of my favorite software tools that also includes awesome SEO training.

You'll find a bunch of search engine optimization (SEO) tools in the market. The main issue that I ran into was finding a tool that was affordable and that actually provided good data.

After testing a dozen of tools, I decided to stick with SEO Powersuite.

It's a large suite of tools for finding low-competition keywords in the top search engines, including YouTube, creating backlinks, spying on competitor websites, doing website audits, and keeping track of the keywords that you've ranked. In addition to that, you'll get access to online training and they provide updates on the latest SEO strategies.