Making Your 1st $100 Online (Affiliate Marketing for Beginners)

Making Your 1st $100 Online (Affiliate Marketing for Beginners)

In this article, I'll go over some foundational concepts about making passive income from home through affiliate marketing.

If you want to make money on autopilot, affiliate marketing would be my personal choice.


When I got started, I was in college. I wanted to build a side hustle at that time...and that was many, many years ago.

Whether I was studying on-campus or at home, I felt like I just didn't have enough time in the day.

I had sold some of my personal belongings on eBay, and I realized that packing boxes, driving to the post office, and waiting in line took a lot of time...and that was just for 1 box.

While there are more e-commerce friendly, automated services nowadays, buying inventory and managing it takes more time than running an affiliate business.

How Do I Make Money as an Affiliate?

Imagine that you're selling a stereo on eBay or any other place ...even Facebook Marketplace.

The stereo can sell for $100 in this example.

Now, imagine that you've had it listed for 5 weeks with no buyers.

Then I come a long and say that I can promote your stereo, and find you a buyer within 1 week.

The catch is that you'll have to pay me 5%.

So I make a sale and you pay me 5% as your affiliate.

You can switch the roles around to get the idea of how you'll get paid.

The main concept here is that you get paid as an affiliate without dealing with the inventory, shipping, or customer service.

Hope that makes sense. Also keep in mind that the above example is kind of like an old school idea without the newer tracking systems.

Nowadays, there are web-based systems that deal with all of the tracking, payouts, and management of all the affiliates.

So as an affiliate, I could easily see how many people visited the product web page (through my link) and how many sales that I've made.

My Favorite Way to Make Money as an Affiliate

If you want to make as much money as possible through affiliate marketing, sending people to the product or service that you're promoting (aka the offer), from an ad, is just "OK."

The best way is to build a contact database first. This is an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

Imagine if you got a phone number from a friend, tried to remember, and then called them from home.

Weeks later, you forgot that number and couldn't find it on your phone billing statement.

In this case, you had 1 chance to talk to that friend.

If you just stored that name and number in your contact list on your phone, then it would be easier to recall and contact that person again whenever you wanted to.

That contact database is called a list.

If you want to build a business as an affiliate and do it effectively, then you should build your list!

Here's how to do it effectively! Check out my free training