Master Affiliate Profits Bonuses

Master Affiliate Profits Bonuses

If you're looking for MAP bonuses, you'll find 17 exclusive bonuses worth over $30,644 below.

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Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) was created by 3 legendary marketers: Omar and Melinda Martin and John Thornhill.

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MAP is a complete affiliate marketing ecosystem designed to help people just like us rapidly grow our online income. Everything you need is in one place - top level training, cutting-edge software tools, a supportive community, and done-for-you funnel.

My Commissions Earned During Pre-Launch (in Less Than 2 Days)

My Master Affiliate Profits Commisions Earned

As a MAP member myself, I know first-hand the immense value this all-in-one affiliate system provides. But to supercharge your success even more, I'm offering 17 incredible bonuses worth thousands when you purchase MAP through my personal affiliate link.

These step-by-step bonuses unlock the insider secrets for rapid growth. Keep reading to discover how you can access this elite business-building system.
I've put my best strategies together that will work in tandem with Master Affiliate Profits. So if you're looking for the edge, this is it!

Some of the bonuses below are expired. Please see the latest bonus page.

Bonus #1 - Your 1st 100 Affiliate Sales Coaching (Valued at $997)

Starting out in affiliate marketing can feel daunting. How do you even make that crucial first sale? This comprehensive bonus guide answers that by revealing proven strategies for generating your first 100 affiliate sales.
You'll discover how to:

  • Research high-converting affiliate programs in profitable niches.
  • Create compelling promotions tailored to each affiliate offer.
  • Drive targeted traffic using both free and paid methods.
  • Optimize landing pages for maximum conversions.

With this roadmap for affiliate success, you can start seeing real results and commissions right away. The guide breaks the process down into simple, actionable steps even for total beginners. Your first 100 sales is closer than you think.

Bonus #2 - The 2024 Non-Google SEO Coaching (Valued at $997)

This bonus will equip you to tap into overlooked search traffic beyond just Google. Most businesses focus SEO efforts solely on ranking in Google.
After the helpful content update (HCU), I've pivoted and started building my business without Google...and yeah, you can still do SEO without the Big G.
This guide reveals insider SEO strategies tailored for each engine. You'll learn:

  • How to get more traffic the non-Google way (and I'm not talking about Yahoo or Bing)
  • On-page optimization best practices.
  • Growth tactics to surpass competitors.
  • The evergreen traffic strategies that allow you to bypass those darn Google algo updates.

Claim your share of underutilized search traffic with this bonus SEO blueprint. Increase site visibility across engines and attract qualified visitors.

Bonus #3 - Your 1st 10,000 Leads Coaching (Valued at $997)

The lifeblood of any successful online business is generating a steady stream of fresh leads. This bonus guide provides the framework for building your first 10,000 subscriber email list.
You'll discover:

  • The anatomy of high-converting lead magnets and opt-in funnels.
  • Website and landing page optimization strategies for capturing emails.
  • Email list segmentation tactics to boost engagement.
  • Automation tools to accelerate subscriber growth.

With these proven lead generation tactics, you can rapidly grow and monetize your list. Let this be the year you crack the email marketing code and achieve explosive growth.

Bonus #4 - Your 1st 10,000 Facebook Followers Coaching (Valued at $997)

Facebook remains one of the most powerful platforms for audience growth. But getting to that first 10,000 followers milestone can be a challenge. This guide details the specific process for going from 0 to 10,000 followers quickly.
Learn insider strategies like:

  • Crafting viral content audiences love to engage with.
  • Running effective Facebook ads to build your following.
  • Leveraging influencer collaborations for cross-promotion.
  • Hosting contests and giveaways to attract followers.
  • Going LIVE and using interactive video content.

Apply these proven tactics for hypergrowth and build a loyal tribe of followers who await your latest updates. Tap into the full potential of Facebook for your business.

Bonus #5 - Your 1st 10,000 X Followers Coaching (Valued at $997)

Beyond just Facebook, building your presence across social media is crucial for reach. This guide reveals platform-specific growth strategies for X (previously known as Twitter).
You'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your profile and content for the platform's algorithm.
  • Make the most of your content and native features.
  • Run paid ads to accelerate follower growth.
  • Leverage influencer partnerships.

No matter your niche, these X growth strategies will help you gain traction and followers across the top networks.

Bonus #6 - Your 1st 1,000 TikTok Followers Coaching (Valued at $997)

TikTok's explosive growth makes it a must for brands in 2024. But many struggle to gain followers and go viral. This bonus has you covered with proven tactics to reach 1,000 TikTok followers fast.
Discover how to:

  • Create irresistible short-form video content.
  • Optimize your profile and upload strategy.
  • Leverage viral trends, challenges and hashtags.
  • Collaborate with popular creators.
  • Run paid TikTok ads to expand reach.

Apply these secrets for creating addictive content that spreads. Claim your slice of the 800 million+ daily TikTok users through organic growth and smart paid ads.

Bonus #7 - MAP Content Evolution Coaching (Valued at $997)

One of the best organic strategies is creating quality, relevant content that brings in the results you want.
This strategy is great, especially if you're building your MAP business on a tight budget. As you create content that attracts your target audience, you'll start getting more leads and sales for your business.
So how do you come up with content ideas?
Instead of guessing or even using pricey keyword research tools, you can use my list of 1013 topics. This isn't just 1013 articles, videos, or social media posts. Each one can be used to come up with a bunch of angles, so you'll never run out of ideas.

Bonus #8 - Traffic-on-Demand Coaching (Valued at $1297)

This bonus is only available to Platinum/Backer level MAP members that purchase through my affiliate link. After the launch of Phase 3, I'll send 100 clicks to your MAP link (Click bonus expired. See new bonus page.). During this phase, you'll have the the MAP funnel that will allow you to generate leads and remarket to them through the MAP automation. This is a huge bonus to help accelerate the growth of your business!

Bonus #9 - The Solo Ad Blueprint Coaching (Valued at $997)

"The Solo Ad Blueprint" is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training program designed to teach you how to effectively utilize solo ads to drive targeted traffic to your offers. You'll learn how to identify the right solo ad providers, how to avoid the most common mistakes, and optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions. This blueprint will guide you through the process of launching successful solo ad campaigns, allowing you to scale your affiliate marketing business quickly and efficiently.

Bonus #10 - AI Auto Commissions Coaching (Valued at $997)

"AI Auto Commissions" is an innovative affiliate marketing training program that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate and optimize your MAP promotions. This cutting-edge course will teach you how to leverage AI-driven tools and strategies to identify and generate high-converting content, and drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

Bonus #11 - Viral Velocity Videopreneur Coaching (Valued at $997)

"Viral Velocity Videopreneur" is a dynamic affiliate marketing training program that focuses on harnessing the power of video content to drive viral traffic and skyrocket your commissions. In this course, you'll discover proven strategies for creating engaging, shareable videos that captivate your target audience and compel them to take action. You'll learn how to optimize your videos for maximum visibility, leverage social media platforms for viral exposure, and monetize your content through strategic affiliate partnerships. Whether you're a seasoned video creator or just starting out, "Viral Velocity Videopreneur" will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to become a successful video-based affiliate marketer in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Bonus #12 - Promote and Convert: The Little Known Secret for More Affiliate Sales Coaching (Valued at $997)

In this training, you'll discover a proven method that goes beyond traditional promotional tactics, focusing on a unique approach that effectively converts your audience into loyal, purchasing customers. By mastering this little-known secret, you'll be able to optimize your affiliate campaigns, drive more targeted traffic, and significantly increase your sales. Whether you're a beginner looking to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey or an experienced marketer seeking to take your income to the next level, "Promote and Convert" will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to unlock the true potential of your affiliate business.

Bonus #13 - Frictionless Selling Coaching (Valued at $997)

This training teaches you how to create a seamless, customer-centric selling experience that removes barriers and objections, making it easy for your audience to engage with your affiliate offers. By focusing on building trust, providing value, and understanding your customers' needs, you'll learn how to effortlessly guide them through the sales process without resorting to high-pressure tactics.

Bonus #14 - MAP Carbon Copy Coaching (Valued at $5997)

Get access to my exclusive system for multiplying your conversions.
If you decide to use my affiliate link to purchase MAP, you will be able to use my whole bundle of conversion multipliers to accelerate your business.

Bonus #15 - Your Own High-Performing Bonus Page (Valued at $197)

One of the easiest ways to boost your affiliate conversions is by offering an incentive to purchase MAP from you. That's why I've put together this bonus page offer.
I'll put together your very own bonus page that you can send your traffic to and increase the potential for you to earn MAP commissions!
Even if you don't have any technical skills, you'll get this special page that is hard-coded with your MAP affiliate link!

Bonus #16 - The 12-Month MAP Success Plan (Valued at $497)

Here's my step-by-step guide designed to help you achieve success within the Master Affiliate Profits ecosystem. This training program provides you with a clear roadmap, breaking down your journey into manageable monthly milestones and actionable tasks. By following this plan, you'll learn how to effectively promote the Master Affiliate Profits products, leverage the resources provided by the ecosystem, and build a thriving affiliate marketing business. Whether you're a newcomer to affiliate marketing or an experienced marketer looking to scale your income, "The 12-Month MAP Success Plan" offers the guidance and support you need to reach your goals and achieve long-term success within the Master Affiliate Profits platform.

Bonus #17 - 36-Month Coaching - Access to me via my PRIVATE support channel (Valued at $10,692)

Here's an exclusive opportunity for you to receive personalized guidance and mentorship directly from me. This one-on-one support will allow you to ask questions, seek advice, and get tailored feedback on your affiliate marketing journey. By leveraging my expertise and experience, you'll be able to overcome challenges, optimize your strategies, and fast-track your success. With access to my PRIVATE support channel, you'll have a dedicated ally in your corner, committed to helping you achieve your goals and reach new heights in your affiliate marketing business.
Gain access to this limited-time bonus training and unlock the full potential of the MAP program!

Master Affiliate Profits OTOs

When I purchased MAP during Phase 1, I don't recall any OTOs. This is a premium offer. If you're thinking about getting some special offer after the purchase, just keep in mind that I'm giving you these exclusive infoSpike bonuses. You will not find these anywhere else!

Master Affiliate Profits Bonuses

Claim Your Exclusive Bonuses Now

Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to access these powerful business-growth bonuses. They provide immense value at no extra cost when you purchase Master Affiliate Profits through my personal affiliate link below:

Grab MAP and Claim Your Exclusive infoSpike Bonuses

Just forward me your MAP receipt, and I'll promptly send you access to all 15 bonus guides valued at over $10,000.
Imagine how rapidly you can accelerate your results with this elite marketing and traffic-getting training. Now is the time to invest in your business growth and take it to the next level.
Act now to secure the full suite of exclusive bonuses that will unlock transformative growth for your online business in 2024!
See you at the top!
Charles Draven / infoSpike
Based in Silicon Valley

P.S. If you buy Master Affiliate Profits through my affiliate link, you'll get access to my mega-bundle of exclusive guides that will show you how I've been building my business.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Master Affiliate Profits Bonuses

What exactly do I get with the "Your 1st 100 Affiliate Sales" bonus?

This comprehensive guide walks you step-by-step through the process of making your first 100 sales as an affiliate marketer. You'll learn insider strategies for picking profitable affiliate programs, creating high-converting promotions, driving targeted traffic, designing effective landing pages, and optimizing your funnel for maximum conversions. Even if you're brand new to affiliate marketing, this bonus equips you with the proven blueprint for generating real results fast.

What additional search engines does your "Non-Google SEO Guide" cover?

The bonus guide provides extensive tips tailored specifically for getting high-volume, high-quality, non-Google SEO traffic (and it's not about Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo). You'll learn how this strategy differs from Google and avoid those crazy algo updates and the backlink game. If you're only focused on Google rankings currently, this bonus opens up significant new organic search traffic opportunities.

What lead generation strategies does the "10,000 Leads" bonus include?

This comprehensive guide reveals powerful tactics for capturing more email subscriber leads including creating compelling lead magnets, optimizing your website and landing pages for conversions, building email signup forms, segmenting and automating email workflows, integrating exit-intent popups, leveraging giveaways and contests, and much more. You'll have access to the complete A-Z game plan for generating 10,000+ leads to build your audience and business.

How does the Facebook followers bonus help me reach 10,000 followers?

The guide details the specific organic and paid strategies for exponentially growing your Facebook followers. You'll learn how to create viral, engaging content, run optimized Facebook ad campaigns, collaborate with influencers in your niche, host contests and giveaways tailored for Facebook, broadcast live videos, join Facebook Groups, and more.

What makes TikTok content go viral, according to the TikTok followers bonus?

The guide outlines specific elements that make TikTok content spread like leveraging viral trends/challenges, using popular music and sounds, jumping on memes, utilizing popular hashtags, collaborating with influencers, and more. You'll have access to plenty of actionable tips for creating irresistible short-form videos as well as profile optimization tricks for faster follower growth. Unlock the secrets of TikTok success!
Hopefully these detailed explanations provide more insight into the immense value each bonus guide delivers. They contain thousands of dollars worth of cutting-edge growth strategies and training.

When was Master Affiliate Profits available?

For Phase 2, MAP reopened on Wednesday, 2/21/2024 at 12 PM (EST). I previously purchased it during Phase 1. You'll get the best deal on it before they raise the price. There are 3 phases in total. The founders, John Thornhill, and Melinda and Omar Martin, are using this prelaunch to gather feedback and add more features to the MAP ecosystem.

How do I get the MAP bonuses?

If you want to claim these exclusive infoSpike bonuses, make sure to purchase MAP through my affiliate link. From there, head over to my contact page and supply your purchase / receipt info. I'll then share details on how to claim your bonuses directly from me.

FYI - purchasing means using your credit card to get access to MAP. Obviously, free accounts do not count.

These guides were written based on my personal experience. There is no additional cost to get these guides after your Master Affiliate Profits purchase via my link.