Uncover Hot Trends: Boost Affiliate Traffic with Strategic Pinterest Keywords!

Uncover Hot Trends: Boost Affiliate Traffic with Strategic Pinterest Keywords!

Get more Pinterest trafficWant to drive more affiliate sales with Pinterest? Learn how to uncover the platform's hottest trends and make the most of them with strategic keyword optimization.

The Importance of Identifying Hot Trends on Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered how certain pins, boards, and accounts seem to suddenly gain insane amounts of repins, follows, and engagement on Pinterest? Often, it all comes down to capitalizing on viral trends while they're hot.
Riding the wave of popular Pinterest trends at just the right time provides affiliate marketers an opportunity to get their content seen by a massive influx of active users. Simply aligning your promotions with topics and products currently blowing up allows you to:

  • Tap into hyper-relevant search volume and interest around trends
  • Organically boost your reach and visibility by association
  • Get ahead of the competition who may be slow to jump on bandwagons

In other words, if you can identify rising trends early and create on-point affiliate content fast, you can potentially direct torrents of free traffic to your links.
The affiliate sales possibilities are truly immense if you start pinning and posting at the start of new trends, rather than when they are already saturated with content. Being first with relevant affiliate pins when a trend initially spikes can help your pins get ranked high in searches. Your content may also spread widely as trend followers repin it.
Overall, keeping a close pulse on emerging popular and viral topics on Pinterest provides you an opportunity to capitalize on user interest and traffic at its peak. It allows you to get your affiliate links and products in front of legions of trend-focused pinners while they are most engaged.

Strategies to Uncover the Hottest Trends on Pinterest

So how do savvy affiliate marketers actually go about spotting brand new trends as they emerge on Pinterest? Here are some of the top tactics and tools to reveal what's heating up:

Analyze Pinterest Analytics and Native Tools

Your first stop for identifying rising trends on Pinterest should be within Pinterest's own analytics dashboard and native tools.
The platform provides a wealth of data on trending topics, keywords, pins, boards, and more that you can tap into. For example, check out the Trends tab in analytics to see topics with quickly climbing interest.
Pinterest also surfaces trending pins, topics, and accounts on its Today Tab and in categories like "What's Hot". Pay attention to any themes you notice trending across multiple areas.

Study Popularity Rankings and Search Volume

Another way to pinpoint trends gaining momentum is to use third-party tools to analyze search volume and popularity changes.
For instance, track search volume spikes for Pinterest keywords using Google Trends. You can also use ranking checking tools to identify new pins from competitors that are quickly gaining repins and going viral.
Rising search popularity and social ranking often precedes a new viral wave, so keep an eye out!

Promoting Trending Content for Maximum Exposure

Once you've created pins, boards, and other content to align with trending affiliate keywords and topics, it's time to maximize their exposure! Here are some promotional tactics to consider:

  • Cross-promote trend pins across all your relevant niche boards for greater discovery. Pinterest's algorithm favors frequently repinned content.
  • Share trending pins and boards in relevant Pinterest Group boards to tap into each group's existing audience.
  • Use relevant trending hashtags in your pin descriptions and board names so your content surfaces when people search those hashtags.
  • Run Pinterest ads with messaging and creatives focused on capitalizing on timely trending topics.

The key is to fully distribute and promote your on-trend affiliate content across every discovery avenue on Pinterest. This amplifies the chances of Pinterest's algorithms and real users picking up and engaging with your pins during the trend's peak.

Tracking Performance of Trending Content

As you promote new affiliate content aligned with trending Pinterest topics, be sure to closely monitor engagement and conversion performance.
Within Pinterest analytics, compare repin rates, click-through rates, and other engagement metrics for your trend pins against other content. This reveals if you effectively capitalized on the trend for growth.
Study your affiliate program analytics as well. Do pins and boards using trending keywords and angles see greater affiliate clicks and sales? Does capitalizing on trends boost conversion rates?
Continuously evaluate which types of trend affiliate content resonates best with your audience. Then double down on what works by further optimizing for those specific trending angles and keywords as long as the trend remains hot.
However, also know when to switch gears. If you find certain on-trend content underperforms, pivot to a new trend or different keyword targeting. Be ready to rapidly align with the next big trend on the horizon!

Staying on Top of Changing Pinterest Trends

To continually ride waves of hot trend traffic as an affiliate marketer, you must stay on top of the ever-changing world of trending topics.
Make it a habit to check Pinterest analytics, Today Tab, and other trend data sources as part of your regular routine. Consistently analyzing the platform equips you to immediately detect rising trends.
You should also consider trend velocity and longevity. Capitalize fully on short-lived viral trends spurred by current events before they fade. For longer-term seasonal or evergreen trends, take advantage of extended windows of high interest.
Ultimately, affiliate marketing success on Pinterest requires learning to quickly pivot your approach as trend patterns evolve. The more effort you put into uncovering and reacting to platform trends, the more potential traffic and affiliate sales you can gain!

Pinpointing Relevant Affiliate Programs to Promote

Now that you know how to uncover trending topics on Pinterest, it's time to dig into affiliate program research. The goal is to identify affiliate offers that closely align with rising trends that you can profit from.
When a new topic starts trending, think about what type of affiliate programs may be relevant. For example, for a food recipe trend, look for affiliates related to kitchenware, ingredients, recipe services, etc.
Here are some tips for finding ideal affiliates to promote within trends:

Research Top Affiliate Networks and Merchants

Your starting point should be browsing top affiliate networks like ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, Impact, and others. Search their listings for affiliate programs that offer products matching the trending topic.
For example, when adult coloring books trended, programs for art supplies, coloring books, pencils, and more were ripe for promotion.
Explore niche networks related to the trend category too. A pet trend means checking programs at PetAffiliate and other pet-focused networks beyond just the majors.

Find Programs with On-Trend Products to Promote

Once you identify potentially relevant merchants and networks, dig into their product listings and affiliate tools.
Look for specific affiliate products to promote that align with rising trends. Often programs will showcase products, links, creatives, and tools organized by category or themes.
For example, when small space living trended, IKEA highlighted their small furniture and apartment solutions to affiliates. Use what programs provide to find your angle.

Align Promotions Closely to Capitalize on Viral Trends

Your affiliate pins, posts, and content for trends should laser target the specifics of each unique trend.
For example, if adult coloring books spike, don't just generically promote art supplies. Call out supplies for adult coloring books specifically in pin descriptions and affiliate links.
Piggybacking directly on the trending topic with affiliate copy and creatives helps you maximize relevancy. This builds trust with Pinterest users and improves click-through rates.

Consider Trend Longevity Versus Short Lived Fads

Before committing to promoting affiliate products around a trend, also consider whether it will have staying power or fade fast.
Short-lived fad trends may generate intense traffic for a few days or weeks. But search volume and interest often vanish quickly once the initial buzz passes.
For flash in the pan fads, you likely need to rapidly pivot once interest starts fading to avoid wasted effort.
In contrast, seasonal holiday trends or more evergreen trends have longer staying power measured in months or years. This allows an extended window to capitalize through affiliates.
Think about expected lifespan as you evaluate aligning affiliate programs with trends. Prioritize promotion around longer lasting trends when possible for greater return over time.

Optimizing Pins, Boards and Content for Target Keywords

The Pinterest users most likely to engage with your affiliate pins aligned to a trending topic are those searching explicit keywords related to that trend. That makes keyword optimization critical.
With affiliate programs selected for on-trend promotion, optimize your affiliate pins, boards, and content to rank for closely related keywords.

Choose Relevant Keywords and Phrases to Target

Start by brainstorming a list of keyword phrases directly related to each trend. Use keyword research tools to identify trending phrases with high volume.
For a lemonade recipe trend, target keywords like "lemonade recipes", "best lemonade", "frozen lemonade", "skinny lemonade", etc. Think specifics.
Choose 1-2 primary trending keywords to structure your affiliate pin and board titles around for each campaign. Then work other keywords into pin descriptions.

Craft Clever, Keyword-Rich Titles and Descriptions

Keep your pin title concise, compelling, and packed with your primary trend keyword. For example for the lemonade trend:
Title: "10 Refreshing Skinny Lemonade Recipes"
Then incorporate secondary keywords into your description:
"Looking for the best slim lemonade recipes for summer? Get our top 10 skinny frozen and classic lemonade drink ideas to try at home!"

Incorporate Keywords Naturally Into Trending Content

Beyond pin text, also be strategic with keyword placement in any affiliate blog posts, videos, or other content you create to capitalize on trends.
Naturally work your target phrases into content headers, opening paragraphs, image alt text, captions, bolded text, and more. Just be sure it flows well.
The goal is to establish your content and authority around trending topics by optimizing content for what Pinterest users are searching.

Balance SEO and Human Appeal in Pin Copy

As you optimize pins and content for trending keywords, maintain natural wording that provides real value for Pinterest users.
Avoid awkwardly over-optimizing or "keyword stuffing" just for SEO. Find a balance between human-friendly and algorithm-friendly copy.
Using keywords that people search organically within compelling pin descriptions increases trust and engagement rates. This human touch combines with SEO for affiliate content that truly resonates.

Promoting Trending Content for Maximum Exposure

You've created affiliate pins dialed into trending Pinterest keywords. Next, distribution and promotion is key for visibility. Widespread exposure correlated with higher chances of traffic and sales.
Here are some top tips for getting trending affiliate content seen:

Cross-Promote Trend Pins Across Relevant Niche Boards

Once you pin new trending content to one of your boards, be sure to repin it to any of your other boards where it fits.
For example, pin that new frozen lemonade recipe to your general Beverages board, Summer Recipes board, and Frozen Treats board too. More repins and real estate found in searches improves its ranking.

Share Pins in Relevant Pinterest Group Boards

Look at Group Boards related to the pin topic and share your content there also. This exposes your pin to engaged users already following those niche Group Boards.
Sharing your frozen lemonade pin to Group Boards like "Refreshing Summer Drinks" or "Frozen Treat Lovers" taps into more targeted users.

Leverage Relevant Hashtags to Expand Reach

Notice which hashtags are trending or popular alongside trending topics. Include the most relevant 2-3 trending hashtags in your pin descriptions.
Adding #frozenlemonade or #summersippin to pin descriptions, for example, helps your pin surface when people search those tags. More exposure = more potential clicks.

Tracking Performance of Trending Content

Once your affiliate content capitalizing on Pinterest trends is out there, it's time to monitor performance. Analytics provides insight into how well you converted trend interest into engagement and sales.

Monitor Engagement Analytics on Trend Pins and Boards

Within Pinterest analytics, compare key metrics on your trend pins versus other pins. See if capitalizing on the trend provided a visibility and engagement boost.
Higher repin rates, click-through-rates and saves of your on-trend content indicate you aligned closely with user interest. Lower metrics may mean you missed the most relevant angles of that trend.

Assess Conversions and Sales from Affiliate Links

Beyond Pinterest analytics, check your affiliate program dashboards for each merchant you promoted.
Analyze whether trend pins drive greater affiliate conversions, clicks, and ultimately sales versus non-trend content.
Higher commissions earned from trend pins validate that capitalizing on hot topics boosts income potential through strategic affiliates.

Evaluate Opportunities to Further Capitalize on High-Performing Trends

Review analytics to determine if certain affiliate trend alignment strategies worked particularly well.
Did a specific pin theme, keyword, or program convert at higher rates? Spotlight these successes to make the most of hot trends while they last.
Create fresh content that further optimizes for the proven angles of winning trend strategies. Double down on what clearly resonates for even greater impact.

Pivot Away From Any Underperforming Trends

Just as important as capitalizing winners is pivoting away from trend duds.
Notice any affiliate trend pins seeing lower metrics than past pins. This indicates less interest than expected in those specific trend applications. React by shifting gears.
Delete or stop promoting pins that never took off. Redirect effort into new trends, keywords, or programs with greater potential. Continually adapt to analytics.
Staying laser focused on high-performing angles of hot trends while phasing out lags is pivotal for affiliate marketing success on Pinterest trends.

Staying on Top of Changing Pinterest Trends

Consistently Analyze Platform Data to Detect Rising Trends

Make checking Pinterest analytics, trend reports, keyword rankings and more part of your regular routine. Don't just look occasionally.
Consistent eyes on data equips you to instantly spot any new trends the moment they start spiking so you can seize opportunities immediately. Don't risk missing the boat!

Identify Trends With Long-Term Versus Short-Term Appeal

As potential trends emerge, evaluate whether they seem more likely to stick around or fade fast.
Seasonal trends may come back yearly, while product trends may have months of runway. Meme trends may last only weeks.
Identifying longevity early helps you dedicate the proper level of effort. Pour more resources into longer trends versus short lived fads.

Build Systems to Quickly Create and Promote Relevant Trend Content

Mastering Pinterest trends requires you to rapidly research, create, optimize and promote affiliate content before trends become saturated.
Build efficient systems and prepare templates to streamline riding new trends immediately rather than reacting late.

Know When to Ride the Wave and When to Shift Gears

The most successful affiliate marketers judiciously jump on trend waves while resisting oversaturation or flogging dead trends.
Keep assessing analytics and interest levels as you promote affiliate content around trends. Recognize when it's time to move on versus doubling down on high-performers.
Continually monitoring and adapting positions you to catch every wave while avoiding wasting time and resources chasing faded trends or overly-competitive niches.
By staying intensely focused on the always-changing Pinterest trend landscape using data-driven analysis, you can consistently uncover and capitalize on the hottest trends for optimal affiliate success!