Selling UBC, DWA or The RoadMap (Feeling Overwhelmed?)

Selling UBC, DWA or The RoadMap (Feeling Overwhelmed?)

Don't Stress! Here's How to Crush It As a Beginner

Starting an online business selling digital courses like UBC (Ultimate Branding Course), DWA (Digital Wealth Academy) or The Roadmap is no joke. I completely get it! When I first got started with this whole Master Resell Rights (MRR) game, I felt totally overwhelmed and confused 99% of the time.

UBC, The Roadmap, DWA

There's just so much to learn and do, am I right? Like just figuring out how to market these beastly courses was a huge pain point for me at first. Let alone all the operational stuff like delivering materials, answering customer questions, and managing the business side of things. When I started selling MRR, I had no clue what I was doing!
I made a ton of mistakes those first few months. Embarrassing, rookie blunders that really set me back. But through stubborn persistence and commitment to figure this biz out, I was able to turn things around.
And I’m here to assure you that you absolutely can thrive with UBC, DWA, Roadmap too, even as a clueless newbie!
The key is staying laser focused on the fundamentals. Don't overcomplicate it. Absorb the training, leverage what’s provided, and execute the plan consistently. Momentum will build faster than you imagine.
Let me walk you through exactly what I wish someone told me starting out. I’ll show you how to avoid the common beginner pitfalls and set yourself up for success from day one.

Why Beginners Get Totally Overwhelmed by These Courses

First, don’t beat yourself up if you feel a little (or a lot) freaked out in the early days of your MRR journey. That feeling of overwhelm and self-doubt is totally normal.
In fact, when I started out on this wild Master Resell Rights adventure, I almost had a full-blown panic attack!
There were a few key things that triggered this wave of uncertainty:

Drinking from the Firehose of Never-Ending Training Materials

I don't know about you, but I felt completely inundated trying to absorb the sheer amount of content inside these courses.
UBC alone has dozens of video modules! Just wrapping my pea-brain around all the information gave me next-level anxiety.

Acquiring Customers From Scratch Without Any Experience or Credibility

As a bright-eyed newbie, I had zero audience, email subscribers, or JV partners to tap into.
So figuring out how to drive traffic and make sales seemed utterly impossible at first.
I felt like I had to start completely from scratch and work 10x harder than seasoned marketers. Super discouraging!

Managing All the Operational Responsibilities Blindly

Once those first few sales trickled in, I was slapped in the face by the cold hard reality of operating a business.
With customers counting on me, even basic tasks like sending materials, responding to questions, and tech support overwhelmed the crap out of me.
I felt in over my head, doubting if I could even deliver on my promises to customers. Not ideal!
But here’s the game-changing realization - most of the overwhelm and uncertainty I felt stemmed from silly rookie mistakes I could’ve easily avoided.
Had I just focused on a few fundamentals from the start, I could’ve saved myself months of headache and struggle.
Hindsight is 20/20 though, right?
Looking back, it's obvious where I went wrong. But in the moment, just keeping your head above water as a beginner feels like a huge victory.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success With These Courses From Day One

If I could go back in time and coach myself as a beginner, here’s the advice I would give:

Piggyback Off the Done-For-You Assets to Shortcut Your Learning Curve

When you’re just starting out, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. These courses provide loads of done-for-you marketing materials created by experts.
Instead of trying to be clever and create everything from scratch, I should’ve simply used the materials that were offered, or even use ChatGPT to get tons of promo ideas.
Once I had a feel for what resonates, then I could tweak and customize things to my audience. But early on, mimic what's working!

Take Baby Steps and Stay Hyper Focused on One Small Area

With so many moving parts to manage, I spread myself way too thin those first few months. Business ADD to the max!
The smarter move would have been to stay laser focused on mastering one course and one traffic source at a time.
Once I achieved consistency and results there, then expand. Don’t run until you can walk.

Systematize Repeatable Processes to Streamline Operations

In the chaos and fog of getting up to speed as a newbie, I made everything way more complex than needed.
Getting into the habit of writing processes for common tasks could’ve systemized my operations much faster.
Tools like email autoresponders, membership platforms, and automation are easy wins for simplifying your workflow.
Implementing more structure early on would’ve helped me scale gracefully versus drowning in the overwhelm.
Here’s the key - avoid trying to juggle it all at once in your own head! Systemize quickly to create order amidst the madness of getting started.
Prioritize progress over perfection.
Ok, so now that you know how to sidestep the most common rookie mistakes, let’s quickly cover what exactly these MRR products are and what makes them ideal for beginners like us.

What Are UBC, DWA and The Roadmap Anyway?

Before diving into tactics, let's make sure we're all on the same page about what these courses actually are.
Here’s a quick refresher:

Master Resell Rights Allow You to Resell Digital Products You Purchase

The “Master Resell Rights” model simply refers to your ability to buy a digital product once, then sell it yourself while keeping 100% of the profits.
For example, if you buy UBC today for $500, you now have full rights to sell UBC to other people for $500 each and pocket the cash. Pretty sweet deal!
UBC, DWA and The Roadmap all fall under this MRR model.
If I had to pick one, it would be UBC.

Check out UBC

They Are info Products That Teach Digital Marketing and Online Business Topics

Specifically, these are training courses focused on helping people start successful online businesses.
The content ranges from affiliate marketing tactics, selling info products, social media marketing, and beyond.
Tons of useful info! Almost too much to absorb as a newbie.

You Get the Course to Use AND Resell Rights

When you purchase one of these MRR products, you get access to two things:

  1. The digital course itself to use as training
  2. Legal rights to resell the course under your own brand
    Best of both worlds!
    So in a nutshell - you’re getting the education, plus a ready-to-go income stream you can leverage.
    Pretty cool idea right??
    Now let’s talk about...

    What Makes These Products So Beginner Friendly

    Beyond just the resell rights, there are some unique advantages to selling established MRR products as a newbie:

    The Sales Process Is Already Expertly Dialed In

    You don’t have to worry about product creation, copywriting, or market research.
    These courses come with done-for-you sales funnels, email scripts, and marketing materials created by professionals.
    Just plug into the proven process!

    There's Already Built-In Demand From The Creators' Audiences

    As a beginner starting from scratch, trying to generate demand is tough.
    But with an established product like UBC, you can piggyback off their existing audience interested in the topic.
    Immediately puts eyeballs on your offers.

    Detailed Instructions and Support To Guide You

    Between step-by-step training manuals and active user communities, you’ll have the answers to all your newbie questions.
    No need to figure it all out alone! Help is built-in.
    The bottom line - selling a done-for-you product as a beginner reduces headaches and speeds up your success.
    But you still need to execute properly if you want results.

    Follow These Tips For MRR Success Starting Out

    As promising as these courses sound, you still have to put in the work. Here are some tips to maximize results as a beginner:

    Treat the Training Like a College Course

    Pour over the material, take vigorous notes, listen to modules multiple times until you can teach it.
    The deeper your expertise, the better you can sell it.

    Follow the Directions Precisely

    Sticking to the proven formula is key, especially early on. Don’t try reinventing the wheel.
    Do what's working for others already. Once you have traction, then you can tweak.

    Leverage the Existing Assets First

    Resist the urge to get overly creative or crafty with the provided ads and emails.
    Send out the done-for-you stuff first to get a feel for what converts. Then customize.

    Effective Marketing Strategies and Tactics to Promote Your MRR Product

    Once you have a solid understanding of the course, it’s go time!
    Let’s look at some of the most effective strategies for driving traffic and sales:

    Content Marketing Through Blogging and Video

    High-value content establishes your authority and trust with readers.
    Just be sure to lead with tons of value vs. overly salesy or promotional content. Give first!

    Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram

    Target interested buyers with paid ads. Retarget site visitors across platforms.
    Lots of customization options for maximizing conversions. Big potential reach!

    Email Sequences and Funnels

    Strategic email campaigns turn cold traffic into warm buyers.
    Funnels simplify and automate the selling process from ad to sale. Money makers!

    Leveraging Affiliate Partners

    Find partners to promote your product and pay them commissions for sales.
    This allows you to leverage existing audiences vs. solely building your own.

    Optimizing Your Sales Process From Click to Close

    Equally as important is dialing in your sales process. Here are some keys:

    Funnel Visitors Into a Lead Magnet to Build Your List

    Offer a free yet high-value piece of content in exchange for an email signup. Great lead source!

    Nurture Leads and Continue Providing Value

    Provide a series of value-packed emails and content before promoting your paid offer.

    Make an Irresistible Offer on Your Paid Product

    When it's finally time to make the ask, use persuasive language and framing in your offer. Make it a no-brainer!

    Automate Follow Up Sequences

    Trigger personalized email and ad sequences that follow up automatically. Game changer!

    Cost-Effective Tools to Streamline Operations

    You don’t need expensive or complex tools to streamline your operations and stay organized.
    Here are some budget-friendly solutions to run your business smoothly:

    - Email Autoresponders like Aweber or ConvertKit

    - Shopping Cart, Simple Sales Pages, and Affiliate Marketing Managment Systems like Zylve

    • Basic Graphic Design Software like Canva

Simple, yet powerful.
Here's a more verbose, engaging continuation of the article:

Making the Transition to Affiliate Marketing

You're straight up dominating with your MRR product! Congrats!
If that's not the case, try another money making strategy.

One of the easiest ways for a beginner is to start promoting as an affiliate.

I'm sure you've heard of affiliate marketing before, but as a quick refresher it's simply earning commissions for promoting other companies’ products and services.
For example, as an affiliate of digital marketing courses, you could earn around 25-75% commissions referring people to purchase it through your special affiliate link.
The company handles all the product fulfillment, tech support and you get an instant bump in income! Pretty sweet deal.

You Can Focus Completely on Promotion vs. Product Creation

Coming up with a winning product idea, let alone creating the course, sales materials, etc. is freakin' hard!
But as an affiliate, the product already exists and converting assets are provided. You simply drive traffic.
Now you can devote all your energy to getting really darn good at marketing and converting leads. Obsess over the traffic!

The Company Handles All the Fulfillment and Customer Service

Don’t wanna deal with delivering materials, processing payments and tech support? No prob!
As an affiliate, all of that operational stuff is fully handled by the company. You just refer buyers and cash checks.
Such a relief to offload the heavy lifting like this starting out.

The Low Barrier to Entry Gets You Monetizing Fast

No need for upfront product development costs or inventory. The barriers to entry are so low!
Just find a solid affiliate program, promote to your little heart’s content, and BOOM you’re making money.
It can take months or years to profit with your own offers. But affiliate commissions start rolling in quickly.

How to Ensure Success as a Beginner Affiliate Marketer

While affiliate marketing is simpler in many ways, you still need to avoid some common traps and pitfalls to earn big.
Here are the keys that helped me get real results fast:

Fully Commit To One Program Before Dabbling Elsewhere

It’s tempting to join 5, 10, 15 different affiliate programs right off the bat. But that divided focus only delays progress.
Pick one reputable program and go all in. Become a true superfan. Once you're absolutely crushing it, then expand.

Relentlessly Obsess Over Delivering Value to Leads

As affiliates, we’re conditioned to think only about converting sales. But without immense value, you’ll quickly hit a ceiling.
Build your audience’s trust through top-notch content, recommendation, and expertise. The sales will follow.

Always Be Testing and Optimizing Your Offers and Funnels

Never assume your funnel or offer sequence is fully optimized. Always be testing new headlines, formats, hooks, etc.
The smallest tweaks can bump conversions significantly. But you need the data to know what's moving the needle.

Track Every Metric Possible and Continuously Improve

Speck out every step of your sales funnel and have the data flowing. If you can measure it, you can improve it.
Monitoring the analytics helps you double down on what’s working and prune what’s not. Optimize based on actions not opinions.
Well, we've covered a ton of ground today! Let's recap the big takeaways:

Success Is Yours for the Taking

  • Start by fully committing to mastering one MRR product (UBC, DWA or Roadmap)
  • Stick to the proven formula - don’t overcomplicate it!
  • Focus your effort on just a few highly effective marketing strategies and traffic sources
  • Once you've got momentum, expand into affiliate marketing to diversify your income
  • Obsess over providing ridiculous value at every interaction - it pays dividends!

That's the ticket my friend!
Stick to the fundamentals, avoid shiny object syndrome and stay consistent. Building a thriving business using these proven MRR products and affiliate marketing is totally doable even as a beginner.
You now have a better grasp of what to do to make money online.
Now get out there and start executing!

If you're interested in any of these courses, I highly recommend checking out UBC. I wrote a UBC review that shares more details.

Check out UBC