How to Create Blog Content Fast with AI Using Closers Copy

How to Create Blog Content Fast with AI Using Closers Copy

Creating fresh content for your blog can feel difficult to schedule and manage at times.

But with AI copywriting tools, you can generate blog content fast.

Closers Copy is an AI writing software that can assist you in writing blog content fast.

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How to Create Content Fast Using Closers Copy's Longform Tools

Hey, this is Charles from Info Spike and I want to show you how to easily create content using this AI power tool called Closers Copy. I've used a wide variety of AI content tools that are based on the GPT-3 AI model and that's what a lot of the AI tools use out there. But Closer Coffee uses his own AI model that allows me to get around a lot of the restrictions that this open AI model uses. 

Creating Content that Ranks in Google

So let's go ahead and dive into one of the coolest type of long form tools that Closers Copy has and some other tools within it that allows me to create SEO focus content and that will help me start ranking my content in the search engine. So while I'm in this interface here, I just want to show you that I just typed in this keyword here, it's just a query and it will allow me to find ideas, questions that people are searching for online. And then I can go to this tab that is just Question focus, I can go into facts. And this actually is retrieved from some of the top pages or posts within the Google search engine results.

So you could see the domains that these come from. So when you are creating your unique content, you want to use this for inspiration. You don't want to just copy other websites. But what I like to do is look at some of the popular topics, especially the ones that are within the top ten results, and this is very helpful, and I can go to questions, I can go here to overview and this will also give me an idea as to how many words the top results, the top articles have. 

So this has like over 7000 words, the next result has 1474, this one has 936, this one has 4000. So of course there are a lot of things that go into ranking your article, your blog post within the search engines. But keep in mind that this tool, you could use it for creating blog posts, you could use it for social media posts, even Twitter threads, as well as creating video scripts. So lots of different use cases for the content that you can use this tool with.

AI Tools for Creating Longform Blog Content in Closers Copy

So let's go ahead and just go over some of the tools here. There's this long form tool that will allow you to just write content in different links here, just based on the content that you select here in the context. But what I want to show you is just this very quick overview here and then dive into what I'm going to use to create content super fast.

ClosersCopy AI Frameworks

So there are a bunch of frameworks, these aren't all of them, these are just the ones that I have used from the community here, and there are so many more, and new frameworks are coming out probably throughout the week, almost every week since I've had this tool. So a lot of great stuff here. As you can see, even you can create scripts for video sales, letter, IG, info post, tweet, ideas, so many different things, even for carousels if you are using IG. So lots of different types of content, even Amazon product descriptions.

The 1-Click Blog Post

What I want to show you in this video is something called one click blog post. And as I showed you earlier, there are so many different types of content types that I can create, and I'll also mention with blog posts, there are so many different types of blog posts. This is a one click one. But as you can see here, I have a workflow for different types of blogging. And the difference is with these there are different types of kind of like frameworks, different ways models that these libraries, these workflows are built on. And so after you use them, you'll get a pretty good idea how the quality of the content is afterwards. And then from frameworks, there's also something that I've used recently called let's see.

If I could find it here. Let me do a quick search for Silo.

I've been using this a lot lately and this allows me to create higher quality content. So I will say this with this tool, even though there is a one click blog post based on a keyword, the faster that you create content with the least amount of editing or no editing, the lower the quality is, and the more you use an AI tool to assist you with making content and the more time you put into each section or paragraph, the higher the quality of content will be. So again, with faster content, it can create some good results, but you would get better results if you edited that content and improved it based on especially using information data from other websites that are ranking in the search engines for a specific keyword. But I'm just going to show you how this works because I'm sure you're curious how can I create content super fast, especially with just the keyword.

Starting the Content Creation Process

Note: AI can assist you while writing content. If you want to create high-quality content, you'll need to improve the generated content manually. Please watch the video for more details.

So I'm going to go to one click here and I'll pick this first one and I can go ahead and put this title here. I'll just use this within this one click blog here, and then what I'll do is just click on this and I could also change this if I wanted to, if I wanted it to be more creative versus more strict based on this keyword, I'll just put it in the middle and then I'll click right for me.

Let me see the countdown here. And of course, you want to compare your time or writing an article on your own just by yourself doing all the research and creating the content versus this tool right here. I just put in the topic here and I clicked on a button and we'll see the results that come out. Here we go. So this article here is 692 words. So I could just put that here and I could paste it here. Let's go ahead and read it. Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept there's nothing but the way where you can earn money online without doing any work so that's not very true if you want to fact check this as I mentioned, if you're just relying on instant content there's going to be some quality issues it is nothing but the way and this sounds too nothing but the way and I could always remove.

That if I wanted to.

Point marketing is a great opportunity for beginners who want to make money online is a platform where you can promote products and earn without any investment. That's actually true in some ways but I like to use something else.

Even if you are budget.

And I can also put this to.

Other people's products.

You don't need any special skills or.

Any training the only thing you need.

Is a computer and internet connection you can make money by promoting the products of other people but there are many.

Things that you need to know before.

You start making money online. Before you jump into affiliate marketing it's necessary to understand the basics so let's have a look at the basics.


Kind of repeating here

and this right.

Here most people get paid through PayPal.

Checks or from my personal experience, direct deposit. It only depends on the affiliate company and some companies can even do wire.

Just do that if the product is.


I'll just put if your product.

Promotion is successful then you'll earn and.

Choose to promote the products of others.

I don't like how that reads but.

You don't need to create your own product or buy inventory all you need to do is sign up for an affiliate program that you can qualify for.

Some programs you can't just sign up for all the programs out there sometimes there are some qualifications.

From there you can use your affiliate link and start making money by promoting the products or services any capital I'll just change the word here no need to purchase inventory or even go through all of the work drop shipping products the main investment is your time unless you're paying for advertisements.

You can promote the products you can make money from other people's products referral of marketing but it's more automated a slower business degree to start this business if we can successfully promote the offers and you will start making money with affiliate marketing if you're totally against having your own website you can make can use social media and other platforms to promote products affiliate offers you can earn money anytime, anywhere this is another important benefit for marketing there is no need to schedule appointments or even online meetings put this here you can start this business in you can just scrub this out here it's a flexible business say you can work anywhere, any time work at any location and any time that you choose your business

programs do not require this.

I don't want to say all of them do not require any of these because some might.

You can make money online by printing. I already have that. People have that ID already. It will take you less than an hour.

I don't want to make any guarantees.

So I can say it's a very simple business model. You can start your business in less than an hour. If you want to need to sign up for a program and affiliate program accepted, receive your affiliate link and start promoting.

And that's pretty much it. When people sign up to an affiliate program, some of them even have instant acceptance. Like right when you sign up, register, you can get an affiliate link.

But of course.

With any business there are things that you could learn along the way. Like, I'm not saying you're going to get instant knowledge and know everything about affiliate marketing or know everything about social media marketing copywriting, it's not a guarantee for that. Like even when a person starts their traditional business, there are so many things that they could learn. They could start right away, but there are still so many things that they can learn over time. And of course that traditional business can take some time right away, but it really depends on the type of business. Okay, that's pretty much it for this super fast piece of content. And this has about 672 words.

Expanding Your Content with AI

But one thing I could do, and I will show you some other things, if I wanted to make this article longer, I could create something like Frequently Asked Questions or even add more parts to it.

Maybe there's an H2.

And what I can do here is just look at this compete and try to find.

Some questions here. That's good of questions. Just a bunch of email marketing related questions.

This is interesting. So this is more about tracking.

Do companies track my affiliate sales? How about that? I'll just put that into another tool. So let's use frameworks. I could use this Silo Body content. I could put this title here.

That's the main title. My subtopic is how do companies track my affiliate sales?

Let's see what ideas I get from that.

Let's look at some other questions here.

How much money?

This is actually a very common question. I'll put that of course it really depends. Sometimes I even provide mathematical formulas for.

That type of question.

This part is a good question that connects with this. Let's put that there for now.

How many sales would you need per day? This is actually kind of connected to this. But let me find something else. A lot of these are good questions. How do YouTubers how can I use YouTube to make money with affiliate marketing spelling there?

I could add more questions if I wanted to, but let's just go with those and I'll go back to this framework.

This is for how do companies track my affiliate sales? And sometimes it could be confusing because affiliate marketing has two sides of it. It has the affiliate marketer, plus it has the vendor side. So some of these are kind of mixed with the vendor side. But I can actually use this to kind of generate some ideas if I wanted to. Okay, so I can use this one right here, but I'm going to have to change it.

Affiliate programs use and affiliate tracking software.

That is designed to help you keep an eye on the performance of your affiliate promotions.

You'll be able to track your clicks, sales, and other important sales metrics that change his question here. How do affiliate marketing links work?

And sometimes while this is running, I'll go ahead and review my content and add to it if I wanted to. And it says once a visitor lands on your site, they're coming from the vendor point of view.

I'll copy this one.

Affiliate marketing market set up links on their website, blogs, or other online social.

Media or other online media where users can visit.

When someone clicks on those links and purchases something, affiliates can earn commissions. Okay, so let's go on to the next topic here. Let's see if there's anything that will connect with how do people get paid. Since this is a beginner article, I want to keep that in mind.

I don't want to put too many advanced things within it. Okay, I think that's good enough. So let's go ahead.

Using their analytics dashboard program. Analytics, how much money can you make with affiliate marketing? How many cells are needed per day? Just go ahead and put this here, see what it says.

Again, most of the time, this kind of question, I like to give different examples of mathematical calculations, but I don't think the AI will be able to do that.

But we'll see.

If not, then they could just give an explanation.

Okay, the best affiliate programs will pay you commissions.

Actually, it does have an example.

But let me read it thoroughly. It's also some other information here. Let's go ahead and just copy this one and just read it. Some programs will pay you a commission of 40% or higher. When you are referring, let's say when you make more sales as an affiliate, your income increases. This whole thing with affiliate partners is coming from a different perspective, so just remove that.

For example, if you are promoting a program that will earn $50 commission for.

Every sale you prefer, it's not really it's possible to make $5,000 that you make a larger number of sales to see good results on the company and offers you are promoting. It's not true.

I guess if you're just starting, you.

Don't want to expect that, but over.

Time, you can make more. Let's go ahead and just give you another example.

Let's say that you're promoting a higher ticket offer that offers $1,000 for a cell, then it would take only five sales to make $500. I've seen travel packages.

Let's go into the next one.

How can I use YouTube to make money with affiliate marketing?

And then after I answer this question, I'll show you the optimized feature. And also when you're looking at stats from AI, you'll want to do some research to make sure that those are correct. And then also it's a good idea to link out to the source as well.

Just skimming through that. But let me copy that, look into that every minute of the day. It's not surprising that YouTube is quickly becoming one of the best places to advertise and promote your business. It's a perfect platform to reach a wide audience and it's a perfect platform. I don't like to say perfect. Too much marketing is a proper method.

There are some duplicate content there.

I mentioned this post already, video promoting a product that you believe will help your audience. Then our commission will sign you. Purchase the product through your link that you mentioned in your video description. Marketing more people to reach more money posting videos, high value videos on your YouTube channel.

So right now we have 1038 words. So this is just one way to create content. There are many other frameworks and workflows.

That you could use to create blog.

Optimizing Your Content for the Search Engines

Content and again, you could even use this for a video script as well. So let's go ahead and go to Compete.

Go to optimize. And the thing is, it's looking at these words, it's also looking at how many times I've optimized it. So the thing is, this keyword phrase is actually my title. It's what I put in, it's actually what is being found in the search engines right now. And the more I add to this, the more this score will go up. And that's if you want to use.

Kind of like stuff your.

Stuff your content with keywords, that's up to you. You don't want to overdo it.

But let's go ahead and put this, make money online with affiliate marketing, let's do this.

And we can also see other results. A more value focused way of like, stuffing keywords is trying to find another, like find additional questions where you could add those keywords into so you're still adding value to the visitor, and hopefully we'll be able to see some results here and conclude the video. Okay, we have some results here. Optimize still kind of low keywords and.

It shows that I don't have any.

Mention of affiliate links.

So let me just do a quick find of links.

Set up affiliate links.

Now it added to that.

Set up products, promote affiliate products here, added that.

So yeah, the more that you add.

Some of these keywords, you'll be able.

To optimize your content more. And that's about it for this recording ring. If you enjoyed this content or if you have any questions, just let me know. Also, make sure that you check out the link in the description of this video for more information, especially about closer copy and how to make money with affiliate marketing.

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